my night job

so, bh snores. he snores and he stops breathing while he’s sleeping. his doctor recommended him for a sleep study and our insurance, who does everything top notch, sent us a kit. which means, i’m running a sleep lab. bh says i’m not. even though i have been thoroughly trained – i watched a 5 minute video that taught me everything i need to know. and i have proof that i’m running a sleep lab, see…


see the little sleep study computer. it’s on our handy, dandy night stand. (since we’ve sold all of our bedroom furniture, we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor and he must use a small appliance box for his night stand. there was nothing in my training that said this was frowned upon.) he also has the breathing monitor attached right up there under his nose. he has a chest monitor on, too, but it’s under the covers. and a finger monitor. all of this is attached to his little wrist unit that is attached to the little sleep study computer. it’s all legit. i’ve got to run this lab for 3 nights. then i pack up all the above listed equipment and send it to my esteemed colleagues who plug the little sleep study computer into a bigger computer to get the results. these guys aren’t qualified to run a sleep study lab, only the highly qualified – like me – get to actually work with the patients.

my office is working under a bit of a time crunch. turns out january 10, the patient and his family could be leaving for their new home in a new country on a new continent. yes, i said we could be moving one week from today. if you remember the pictures i posted about our last moving sale – if not, they’re here – the condition of our house isn’t all that different at this moment. i think that means it’s time to get busy.

just thinkin’ about tomorrow

My parents made it in last night – they had a long, exhausting drive and it seems that perhaps I keep the house a wee bit chilly – my mom even offered to pay our gas bill. Maybe I could set it above 61, even if it’s just a tad bit above.


That was last night – tomorrow I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again – okay, I’ll be back in about a week, but I like the lyric, and have a bit of a John Denver crush. Where am I going? To Thailand, of course – that’s right, I’m heading out on an expedition, a learning expedition. So, you know what happened yesterday and what’s gonna happen tomorrow – wanna know what’s happenin’ today? It involves another lyric – this is the last day of our acquaintance – and it goes out to my job… woo, hoo!! Is the rest of the song applicable? Not so much. And in all fairness, the job has been a good one and I’ve greatly enjoyed the people I work with and it turns out high school students aren’t all that scary. But, it seems the timing of my reentry into the workforce wasn’t the best. To be fair, this is the first time I’ve really worked, like full time worked, in over a decade. And within a few weeks of getting this job bh got his new job and we discovered we were gonna be moving to Thailand in July. And then a few short months later we find out it’s not really gonna be July – it’s gonna be January. I think that qualifies for a pretty full plate – so it’s probably more that I’m relieved to be getting something off my plate and it just so happens that my job is a pretty big something to be offloading. So, again, I say, “Woo, hoo!”

*The caps are in honor of my dad – the Popsicle (no pun intended, okay, yes it was intended) in the picture.

knock, knock. who’s there?


my replacement. i know, i know, you guys all thought i was an original. don’t try to flatter with me, with, “but no one could replace you.” cuz i’m so ready to be replaced i can’t even see straight.

i got to work today, feeling a little drained and walk in the door and there she stands, the most amazing person in the entire world (at least where my job is concerned). spent all day training her, discovered i’m not all that great of a teacher – really, i already knew that – i’m too impatient (seems to be somewhat of a theme in my life right now) and managed to spend quite a few moments envisioning her doing my job with me nowhere around.

while there are lots and lots of places i like to consider my self irreplaceable work isn’t one of them – take my place; the sooner the better!

no holiday day

today is one of the days with no holiday to celebrate. that’s right, no holiday. but i still have plenty to write about – because we’re moving in january; bh is home this week – yay – and we’re planning a garage sale for this weekend. well, i’ll be having the garage sale, but bh will be doing most of the work. his boss is letting him have a good deal of time off this week; that means he’ll be home during the day to get stuff ready and i’ll be at work. and because i have been so very, very lazy busy there’s alot for him to do. i feel really guilty about this, mainly because i have no excuse. and what did i get done on what should have been an extremely productive sunday afternoon? nada, nothing, that’s right – absolutely zilch. oh, but lay in bed with my leg iced and elevated.

i was headed out the door late saturday night to pick up bh from the airport. he’d missed his flight that morning and then was on standby for the next flight, but wasn’t able to get on that one; finally, he got on a flight and arrived 12 hours after he was originally supposed to be here. i only tell you this so you understand where the responsibility for all of this lies – i’m sure you will agree, it’s all bh’s fault. anyway, i was headed out the door and tripped over a cornice board. i know, i know, a cornice board doesn’t belong on the floor and i assure you that isn’t where i left it. i left it leaning against the wall. see, we got new windows 3 months ago so we had to get everything out of the way and i haven’t managed to get this one last cornice board back up. (i believe i mentioned that lately i’ve been suffering from a debilitating case of laziness – one that might only be cured by cattle prod.) apparently, the offending cornice board had been knocked over and not picked up. so, i tripped over it and went down hard on my left knee. now, it’s about the size of a small melon and sore. and has rendered me completely useless all day. (i think bh believes i’m faking it – he sees no swelling, just me, being lazy – again.) tomorrow i have to go to work – but i have given my notice…

my last day of work is december 12… woo hoo!

that leaves bh here alone during the day to sort and price and work, work, work. he’s so good, he’s amazing and will accomplish amazing feats this week. then the pressure is on me to sell, sell, sell… i’m actually hoping that the first person who comes in makes an astonishing offer for everything – the house and all the junk wonderful treasures inside. it could happen, no, really, it could.

oh yeah, and the day after i quit work guess what i’m doing? no, guess.

i get to go to thailand. i’ll have the opportunity to visit before we move – even if it is really only weeks before we move. it still counts.

bh survives the kgb

on bh’s last jaunt home he needed to get some passport and visa situations taken care of. and it was rush. and it was expensive. it started with him needing more pages in his passport because he gets to go everywhere while i get to stay home. he also needed to get a visa for somewhere in asia. so he arranges to send his passport off for a one day turn around to get the extra pages. that would allow him to then send it off for the visa and have it all back in time for the trip he’s now on. that’s where it gets sketchy. the passport office calls and says they can’t give him more pages; his passport is mutilated. but they would like to keep the money, k? so back comes the mutilated passport (it has three spots on the cover) – with no new pages which means no visa for where ever it is in asia. the timing of all of this is essential. he can wait to get the visa until he gets back from moscow, but he will already need to have the extra pages. the solution? drive to denver for same day service on the passport. this is cause for a little concern – his russia visa and india visa are both in the mutilated passport so he can’t really give it up. not to worry, in denver he gets an all new passport and he gets to keep the old one; that way he should be able to, at least they said he should be able to, use the visas in the old passport. so off he goes to moscow both passports in tow. everything goes smoothly, no problems, he goes through dallas/fort worth through chicago through london and no problems. then moscow. they don’t like that his visa is in a canceled passport. they detain him. yes, i said detain. then they call in boris and natash – you know, from rocky and bullwinkle – to start the interigation. they withhold food and liquids. it is inhumane. after 60 minutes they come to a conclusion. they know he’s weak and rather than drag it out they go straight for the jugular. tell him it’s gonna cost. he braces for it. they approach, oh they look mean. then they say, “it vill be ten beeg ones – american”

so he gives them $10 and is on his way. bh now has his most important assignment – find the starbucks in moscow and get me a city mug. if he returns without it, he will see that what the russians did was only child’s play.

working after a decade

i’ve got a job. yep, i’m working. i haven’t been employed since 1996. i enjoy what i’m doing, but it sure takes up a lot of time. no longer is there lunch with friends, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends and it seems that just making the time to chat with friends is difficult. i don’t think i was prepared for how difficult it would be to manage a job, 3 kids, a husband who is going to be gone more than he’ll be home and to keep up with a house – or in my case, let it fall apart. i feel like a whiner – i’m not the first working mom it’s just that now i realize how much i would prefer to have lunch, coffee or just hang out with the girls than work. however, right now i have to work. so it’s about being intentional about friendships – making the time to stay connected. probably adding to my current attitude is that while i enjoy what i’m doing – it’s still just a job. something i have to do, not want to do. but it’s just a season made somewhat more difficult by the knowledge that when the job ends for me in late May/early June we’ll be very close to moving. the last 9 months i could spend working on and strengthening friendships will be spent working. not that any of that keeps me from growing friendships – it just makes it a little more difficult. but if i’m honest i have to admit that – if i weren’t working – in nine months i would probably be regretting that i didn’t devote more time to friends.