a very quick update…

we are in bangkok. at least the kids and i are. bh has just left for singapore. the rest of us are waiting to get to chiang mai, because of our delay we have to fly standby. we will know in the next few moments whether or not we will make this flight. if not, there are others today. right now we’re cranky, tired, smelly and really just ready to be done. one day this will be the funniest of stories.

livin’ la vida loca

so, yesterday, once we woke up and got around, we realized we were hungry. what to do? we looked out of our hotel window and saw what appeared to be the only viable option.


so we started walking, and decided to be brave – to persevere – to walk the dangerous streets of la. and boy were we rewarded.


you know all of those choices had to be hands down better than a 7eleven taquito. and they were.

things like this are why i created this blog…

we’re doing it. right now, we’re doing it. all five of us are at the airport, with what we managed to pack. what we didn’t we hope someone else will enjoy. we were able to coordinate rides to the airport. one for our suitcases and one for us. and now we sit, and we will continue to sit. when we got to the airport our flight was delayed 20 min., now it’s delayed 2 hours. so we sit… and blog, and fight about discuss taking turns on the computers.

and this early in our move i’ve already missed some great picture opportunities. i missed our house in a pretty serious state of disarray as we left. and i missed us at check in with our 10 ginormous suitcases open for all the world to see while we tried to balance them. and we did, only one was over the 50 pound limit, but the others were so close we had to frugally spread those 7 pounds out. and i missed all 30 of the minutes we spent getting through security. and we weren’t waiting to get through we were going through the process of security. we had at least 12 tubs lined up with our various belongings strewn about. tsa people doing bag checks, making sure bh’s cpap machine wasn’t dangerous, the plastic cases for the wii games looked suspicious, so lots of digging and time and everyone behind us getting a bit impatient. and probably my favorite, when we all take our shoes off we discover s8 has on only one sock and c13 has on no socks.

but the two hours will be put to good use.  i can go ahead and cancel our garbage pick up.  call the carpet guys to lay the carpet we ordered and let the realtor know that the clean up might be a little more than expected.

i don’t have time for this…

if you’re thinking it’s blogging, she doesn’t have time for blogging. you’re right – but that’s not what i’m talking about. what i’m talking about when i say i don’t have time for this is found in the following tale.

we have nothing in the house for the kids to take for lunch – at least nothing proper. we could send pudding, lots of pudding, and a frozen pork loin, but as other moms know, sometimes it’s all about appearances. so, i have to go to the grocery store. now, i’ll admit, i’m a bit out of it, somewhat distracted. and when the man chased me down to tell me i had hit his truck with my door. i figured i guess i could have. so i follow him out to his now damaged truck to see just what i’ve done. and i see nothing. not.a.ding. but because i’m in a hurry and frazzled and now broken i say whatever and give him all my info. and call bh. so off i go to get what i came to the store for. as i’m checking out bh calls back and says i should get a picture of it, you know in case this guy turns out to be not so honest for documentation. i leave the store, go out and the guy is still sitting in his truck. i open my car door as far as it will go flip open my cell phone to take a high quality picture and guess what… yep, you got it, my door doesn’t stretch that far. now, since i can’t download the pic off my phone, i’ve substituted the next best thing. let’s pretend that winey’s five yr old monster, bubba, drew this picture.


see, this is definitive proof that that guy was not very nice. after he noticed me taking the picture, he gets out of his truck – if you’ll notice he drives a truck made by/for dodo – to find out what i’m doing. i tell him taking a picture. i was originally taking it for documentation of the massive damage i had caused, but now it was just proof that i didn’t do it!!! and not only that, i don’t have time for this! and for those of you who can see the damage – bubba only put that x there and labeled it ding because that’s where the nice man kept insisting it was.

but on an up note, one of my tasks for the day was to locate luggage and look what i found…


and now, i must get busy. cuz bh made me a to do list. and i’m not even gonna depress you with a picture of it.

chiang mai – day five

i did it!


i squatty pottied!


oh, yeah, baby, on one of these. go me, go me, go me. and don’t ask for details. just know, i didn’t fall in, get wet or make a mess. and i washed my footprints off the sides.

today is sight seeing day.

our first stop was doi suthep. a mountain that over looks chiang mai. the highest altitude of this mountain is 5498 ft. – not quite the altitude at which we currently live. on this mountain we stopped at wat prathat doi suthep, a holy buddhist temple. now, i don’t claim to be an expert or anything but i had done a little research about how to behave when visiting a wat – no shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no PDA – and they even have printed on the ticket they give you to get in – no shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no PDA. and probably 2/3 of the other tourists we saw were breaking 2 or more of these simple guidelines. i found that very annoying and i’m not buddhist and i am a tourist. how hard is it to comply with a few simple guidelines?

next up was bhubing palace – the palace the royal family stays at during seasonal visits to the northern part of thailand. the palace and the grounds are beautiful. it looks like the romanticized vision i have when i think of living in thailand.

lunch break – all three of us, bh, me and our driver ate for under $4 american.

then we were supposed to go to a silk factory and ended up at a silk shop. i think maybe it was a communication issue. our driver speaks no english and we speak no thai. and so between the two of us we licked the platter dry… sorry, got carried away.

we did find the bor sang umbrella factory – by far my favorite stop of the day – to see how they make these beautiful umbrellas – all by hand. they turn the handles and the spindles for the top and use a very sharp knife for all the detail work – no special tools, just one really, scary sharp knife. then they finish creating the skeleton of the umbrella, cutting and trimming, again using those sharp knives. the material goes on. they are trimmed and if they have tassels they’re added – than all the pieces are put together. next, is the painting. very quickly they paint all sorts of designs on the umbrellas. they are amazingly beautiful. as your walking by they will offer to paint your purse or your clothing. i had an elephant painted on the end of my pants and bh had one painted on his murse. it’s very neat.

now we’re taking a break at the hotel, waiting for dinner. we’re going to khum kantoke later on – the description we’ve been given is it’s cultural dinner and performances.

tomorrow we head to bangkok and again have one night in bangkok. then we head home. we leave bangkok at 8:45 am on friday and arrive home at 12:45 pm the same day. love the time change going that way.

and the most important thing to happen today? it’s a10now11’s birthday! happy birthday, a11! we miss you and will see you soon.