how he loves his diagrams

bh went to pick up the kids from school for me. this is usually my chore favorite thing to do, but yesterday i just wasn’t feeling like it.  and turned out it was his lucky day.

in a11’s class they are studying decades. they are broken up into small groups and each group has a different decade. a11’s group has the 70’s. another group has the 80’s. (i love the 80’s) and in their report they seem to have including a bit about aids, and homosexuality, and prostitution. and when bh picked up a11 she was just chock full of questions. see these things were just mentioned, not actually discussed, but she had the feeling that everyone else in class knew what they were talking about, everyone but her. so she asked bh a few questions and bh believes in telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth and didn’t feel like he could give her a proper answer unless he started at the beginning – with a talk about human anatomy. and for those of us who know and love bh, we know that no serious conversation can happen without a diagram. and because i like to share, i scanned it so we could all see. here it is…


i wish i could tell you after seeing that i felt some relief, but instead what i felt was a growing sense of panic. because i wasn’t sure exactly what was included in this diagram and i’ve got those parts. so i had him explain. and here’s the diagram with the explanations…


and after bh explained it to me he said, “maybe you should have a talk with her, too. you know, just to clarify things.”

and so you guys don’t worry.  a11 and i have actually had this talk – but it looked nothing like this.  and i’m assuming that’s why she didn’t recognize it.