twenty-four little hours

what a difference a day makes
twenty-four little hours
brought the sun and the flowers
where there used to be rain

~Maria Grever & Stanley Adams

ah, young love. it’s here and i’m basking. cuz today, i bought a new friend. a friend with it’s very own keeping warm plate. (how many of you have friends with a keeping warm plate? come on, be honest.)


and let me tell you, i know my coffee maker – ask me anything, we have no secrets.

so home i come with my new friend, take her out of the box (do you think coffee makers are hers or hims?), read and follow the instructions. which involve running just water – with no coffee grounds – several times through. and while i’m doing this i get the coffee out and read the instructions on the bag. and discover that as hard as i tried to hide it the other day, i am a wuss. this bag of coffee says…


this coffee maker makes 12 cups so that would be 12 tablespoons, not teaspoons, of coffee for one carafe of coffee!! that’s crazy. i can’t imagine what i might do with that amount of caffeine coursing through my veins. so, i used the i’m-a-wuss algebraic formula and determined that instead of 12 tablespoons of coffee i should use about 3.5 tablespoons. and how’d that work out for me?

to the
last drop

actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis – a good hot cup of coffee. ~alexander king

things that go bump on the tanon

as we were headed out today to run errands we came across this…

img_1690.jpg img_1686.jpg

(no one appeared to be hurt.) i’m guessing that the truck was probably loaded high with some sort of organic cargo (there appeared to be some leafy greens on the street) and it was attempting to make a u-turn (it was tumped over in the u-turn lane.) and because of the speed he was moving, the most likely precariously stacked cargo and the sharp angle at which he was attempting to take the u-turn some law of physics caused him to tump. i know, my sleuthing skills are astounding, not to mention i’m a physics whiz.

an hour or so later we’re headed to get the kids – i’m driving. i go to make a right turn – yes, i checked my side mirrors and my rear view mirror and, yes, i did signal – in my rear view mirror i see a guy on a motorcycle. i slow down and make my turn. well, when i slowed down the guy on the motorcycle thought he needed to pass me and even though i had my blinker on and even though i was partially in the lane of oncoming traffic – leaving plenty of room on my left, like a car could have passed me to the left – he thought it wise to pass me on the right. so, as i make my right turn i hear a yell and a bump, well, it was a little more than a bump, but i certainly wouldn’t call it a crash. i don’t know the proper i-was-just-bumped-into-by-a-motorbike-in-thailand etiquette, so i went with what i do know and that is move accidents out of the way of traffic. i finished my right turn, parked and started to get out of the car. the whole time thinking to myself, “how much is this gonna cost me?” well, really, i was only partly thinking that, cuz most of my brain was being used to try to stop the flow of tears so i wouldn’t appear to be a giant wuss. and then i noticed he’d gone on, hadn’t even stopped. i didn’t figure he’d been hurt, and i’m guessing his bike must not have been damaged. turns out the car was only marked with a smudge that will come off and a scrape that will for the most part buff out. i’m sure the motorbike guy went about his day with his tale of the crazy farang who plowed him down and i came home and went to sleep. and waited for the police to show up. which they haven’t. but for the rest of my life anytime the driveway bell rings instead of the obnoxious bing-bong i’ll hear, “bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”


i found him

y’all texans can stop your lookin’ cuz rightchere in thailand i found big tex’s long lost brother. he goes by not near as big thai.


and when big tex first heard he was in shock – which seems only natural, then he was real made at his momma and his daddy for keepin’ this a secret. but then his momma told him, “go ahead and be that way, cuz you can get glad in the same pants you got mad in.” and eventually, he did get glad.


then it was time to introduce them.


i just love a happy ending.

as a side note – i must say i am very disappointed in big tex. it seems he has been prostituting himself. you see, when i was a kid, i swear he only wore lee jeans. he had a buckle very similar to not near as big thai’s. it’s what got me wonderin’ if they could be kin. and now it seems that big tex is sellin’ himself to the highest bidder. makes me sad. please the powers that be in the great state of texas, stop pimpin’ big tex. it’s a disgrace.

chiang mai knows mexican

spending the first 32 years of my life – you know, the formative years – in texas i feel pretty comfortable saying, “i know a teensy bit about mexican food.” and the 5 years i spent in colorado allow me to be fairly comfortable in saying, “colorado don’t know mexican.” great mexican food was the one thing i never found while in colorado. after 6 weeks in chiang mai i have found some good mexican food. made my day.


the kids and i are doing the weekend alone, no bh, he’s at a retreat. and my original plans were to do nothing. get plenty of sleep, read, never leave my new bff, the interwebnet. but we did have to get out. i’d scheduled an appointment with the lady who will be a11’s harp teacher and since we had to get out of the house i figured we might as well do something. that way the kids couldn’t yammer on and on to their dad about what a dud they got stuck with for a mom. so we went to miquel’s and had some lovely mexican food. then we went to mike’s for some rich, thick milk shakes (2 chocolate, one strawberry and an oreo, please). made a stop by a used book store and then detoured into a wicker shop.



maybe not as good as being head butted by an elephant, but i didn’t hear any complaints. (not that i was listening for them in the wicker shop)


to market, to market, to buy a fat (oh wait, that was yesterdays post…)

here’s what i found at market today.  no fat hogs, instead a few other things that might almost be nearly as tasty…

this could be good, add a little crunch to our dinner salad.


and see this lovely thai lady?


doesn’t she look sweet? she wanted to sell me these.


once i explained to her that i just couldn’t because i had never been privy to the old secret family recipe she was very understanding about me not wanting to buy them. oh, and if this were video you would be able to tell that they are still alive.