bravery, it’s overrated

this evening a11 performed the following one act play.

some tortures are physical
and some are mental,
but the one that is both
is dental.
~ogden nash

until the laughing gas. the laughing gas made it all better.

when we left the house this evening a11’s mouth looked like this –

it’s a11’s shark impersonation

she seems to have issues with letting go and managed to hold onto several baby teeth way past their prime. and they have been showing absolutely no interest in leaving. tonight we set out to rectify this situation.

a11 hops in the car, all chatty, asking if we can get something to eat out after her teeth are pulled. she’s loaded with confidence and bravado. and i’m feeling pretty good. we haven’t had the best of luck with bravery at the dentist office, but i’m certain she’s turned over a new leaf. and it’s all good. we get to the dentist’s office, we enter the office, we enter the exam room, she gets into the dentist chair, she gets laid back in the chair. and she is so brave. i’m so amazed. and then a q-tip comes out. coated with silly juice. for those of you not familiar with official dental terms – silly juice is a rancid tasting gel meant to deaden the area it’s applied to. and in this case that area – accidentally – included a11’s tongue. apparently, that is where she was storing her vast amounts of courage, because as soon as that tongue was numb, panic set in. no way, jose, was that dr. gonna get any shot anywhere near a11’s gums. nuh uh, wasn’t gonna happen. the dr. tried to reason with a11. i tried to reason with her. and it’s important to know, reasoning is not in my skill set. i have been known to sit on my children to remove a loose tooth or give a dose of medicine. but, with one doctor and three technicians as witnesses, today my reasoning looked alot like, well, reasoning. unsuccessful reasoning, but still. thankfully, the doctor had one last trick up her sleeve. she brought out the big guns.

nothing like a little nitrous oxide to make a girl get her brave on. and in no time the teeth were out.

and for the next hour she was elvis presley.

but i did not get a picture of that bit of awesomness. this picture is the only after shot she would allow.