how do you say hello?

it’s world hello day…  

Cherokee: Oh-see-YOH 
Choctaw: Halito ( hah-leh-TOH)

English (America): Hello, Hi, ‘sup dawg
Fijian:Bula Bula
Hawaiian: Aloha 
Hebrew: Shalom 
Hoppy (kids language similar pig latin): hoppy e loppy loppy oppy
Irish Dia Dhuit (literally means God be with you)
Jibberish: Gello
Jitteritigiberigidish: Hidegelidigo ((hi-di-gel-idi-go))

Pig Latin: Ellohay

Sioux Indian: dakota (means hi friend)
Spanish: Hola, Buenos dias,
Swahili: Jambo  

Texan – and don’t try to tell me it ain’t a country 🙂 : howdy
Thai: sa-wa DEE

so, how do you say it?

hello, i love you, won’t you tell me your name?

today’s the day. it’s been a while coming, but we’re ready. you know, we’ve been hanging out for awhile, we surf, research, waste precious time, the things all good friends do. and now it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.  i’m ready to call you my bff forever. but, i’m just not comfortable moving on unless i know your name.

i know it’s really name your pc day and don’t worry, i could never, ever, never confuse you with a pc – you’re way better than that – but i think you’re ready for a name, too. i mean, you know my name – you even know my pseudonyms. you know my kids’ names – their real names.

i believe i have the perfect name. i know you have a preference for apple, but gwyneth is already using that name for her kid. so, what do you think about pippin? what, oh, you wanna know why pippin. well, i don’t want to bore you so i’ll give a short reason, if you want to know more get your friend, the internet, to take you here.

newtown pippin has been called the classic american apple. it holds the honor as the oldest commercially grown native variety in the united states. and it has a place in our lore, as the apple of george washington’s eye.

so, why don’t we take the name for a test run… see how it feels. if we decide it’s just not quite right, well, there’s always next year.

okay, i think i will

we’re supposed to be in dallas. we were supposed to get in last night. but we missed our flight. we were 2 minutes late, yep, 2 minutes and they turned us away – crying lb and all. so now, we’re sitting at home. well, the kids are sleeping and i’m having difficulty sleeping – i just know i won’t wake up in time to be at the airport at 4:30 in the morning – no need to go back and reread that – i said 4:30 in the morning. don’t worry, i’ll do the math for you. my alarm should be going off at 3am – and i’ve arranged for a plan b – just in case the alarm doesn’t do it for me – my mom is gonna call me at 3am for an early morning chat – or perhaps she’ll just grunt at me. then i’ve got to get the kids up and, of course, they will be perfectly pleasant. if all goes as planned we’ll be out the door no later than 3:45am.

so, i’m sitting here thinking i’m having a very successful start to have a bad day day. did i mention we’ll be flying stand by?

update:  it’s currently 5:45 and we’re sitting in the airport waiting…. waiting… waiting…

 update 2:  we’re here, we’re here.  we got on the plane.  we were the only standby tickets to get on.  we did have to circle over d/fw airport for about 35 minutes because one of the towers was having communication difficulties, but we made it!

suk san wan keut, bh

that means happy birthday in thai. aren’t you amazed at my mastery of my soon to be new tongue? okay, i did find it on a website that lists how to say happy birthday in 161 different languages. i would have written it using the actual thai alphabet, but i didn’t think you’d be able to read it – oh, and i don’t know the thai alphabet.

anyway, today’s celebration is bh’s birthday!! and the best i can do is say happy birthday, there will be no giving of gifts or eating of cake – but don’t go feeling sorry for him; bh doesn’t like cake and he is in thailand on his birthday. the biggest perk to being in thailand for your birthday? it starts 12 hours earlier there than it does here. woo hoo!

enjoy the rest of your birthday, bh. i love you. oh, yeah, and…


that is happy birthday in the actual thai alphabet. or it could say “let’s all make fun of the idiot who copies and pastes this text thinking it says happy birthday” either way, it’s all good.

i’m sure it’s meant to be something greater

but…. i think i’ve already established this blog is really all about me.

so even though it’s really called international day for tolerance i’m gonna celebrate everybody tolerate me day… and i’ll try to tolerate you.

so, let’s haiku

but, first i’m gonna give a big shout out to patios, because she actually wants santa to bring her something it’s somewhat difficult to live with out – even though it seems i’m makin’ it through without it…

Santa, you can help
by giving me what I lack:
My sanity back.


so, onto tolerating me…


day of tolerance

make allowances for me

conduct forgiven

if you need help it’s right here.



i love to write

let’s hear it for my very own made up by me song… sung to i love to laugh, you know from mary poppins, you know the part where uncle albert floats to the ceiling… yeah, that’s the one. i knew you knew.

as an added bonus i have managed to very cleverly include the several 2007 holidays that could be celebrated today.

i love to write*
lots and long and vague
i love to write
it’s getting worse ev’ry post

the more I write
the more I fill with me
and the more of me
the better the topic will be
it’s embarrassing
the more i’m a merrier me!

some people write about bundt pans**
write they make a great cake
some people write about recycling***
clean the environment up

some write enough
some rarely blog
others they just ramble on
then there’s the kind
that writing’s just not for them

when you strikes up your light
cause you need a quick fix
expose me to second hand smoke
respect the great american smoke out****
please, no smoking today

i love to write
loud and long and vague
i love to write
about weird holidays here
the more i write
the more you celebrate
and the more i write
the more you’re a smarter you!

okay, okay, i know quite a bit of it is forced. but give me a break – i do have a life. i can’t just sit around blogging all the time.

*i love to write day

**national bundt (pan) day

***america recycles day

****great american smokeout