world malaria day

tomorrow, april 25, is world malaria day and the good news is that you can make a difference. compassion international has teamed up with youth specialties on a malaria net campaign. a one time, $10 donation from you will provide a mosquito net for a child. this net provides them with much needed protection that they are unable to afford. as i was writing this post this came into my reader. boomama (i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be all one word like that) is challenging her readers to donate 50 nets in 50 hours. so why don’t you head over there and join the fun!

“if you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” every african knows this is true because mosquitoes carry malaria—a tropical disease that kills over 750,000 children each year. that’s one child every 30 seconds. in africa, mosquitoes make a huge difference in the lives of poor families and children. and it all starts with a tiny bite.