loi, loi krathong

the party’s over.  maybe.  or perhaps not.  there are always those 1 or 2 – or 20 – who don’t know when to stop.  but, officially, loi krathong has ended.  every year i’m amazed disgusted by the vast amount of trash left behind by the party goers.  all those thousands of khom loi that are released?  they have to come down somewhere.  and the krathong?

they don’t just dissolve away – even if they are made mostly of eco-friendly materials.  then there’s the firework remnants, the abandoned food containers, general trash and what not.  this morning i took a walk to the american consulate – sans camera – and could not believe the debris that covered the entire river side area – i really couldn’t see the ground, scouts honor.  it wouldn’t have made for a very pretty picture if i had had my camera.  i couldn’t imagine how they would go about getting it cleaned up.  and 2 hours later i sat at a coffee shop that overlooked the same littered area and the mess was gone.  all gone.  even the debris in the water.  i was amazed.  then i noticed the army of people on the opposite side of the river from me.  they were high school students, all dressed in their scouting uniforms.  some were walking the shoreline with pointed bamboo sticks, others were loaded in boats with nets and several were actually in the water.  and they were working there way up river.  it was quite impressive.

but there is one thing that i don’t think they will ever be able to cleanse – and that’s the earworm that is the loi krathong song.  i can’t get it out of my head!  so i’m sharing it with you, too.  loi, loi krathong.