and i could have so much fun…

i mean really – it is april fool’s day and i so wanted to title this post we’re coming home… or we’re moving again… or i beat a total word dork genius at scrabulous. and then i would have typed in all caps “april fool’s”. but i’m not that mean. oh, but wait… one of those three things is true. i know, probably not that tough to figure it out. but i am so proud of myself and so like to pat myself on the back and i am so thinking, “look at me! look at me! i’m so smart! i beat a genius! tell me how smart and pretty and funny i am. cuz only the smartest and prettiest and funniest people can win against such an incredibly intelligent word smith.” but i’d only think that and would never say it out loud.

okay – and i’m willing to admit he beat me the first game… by like 80 kajillion million trillion points. and i only won by a 1/4 point. but still i won!!

Christmas Credo

At Christmas time I believe the things that children do.

I believe with English children that holly placed in windows will protect our homes from evil.

I believe with Swiss children that the touch of edelweiss will charm a person with love.

I believe with Italian children that La Befana is not an ugly doll but a good fairy who will gladden the heart of all.

I believe with Greek children that coins concealed in freshly baked loaves of bread will bring good luck to anyone who finds them.

I believe with German children that the sight of a Christmas tree will lessen hostility among adults.

I believe with French children that lentils soaked and planted in a bowl will rekindle life in people who have lost hope.

I believe with Dutch children that the horse Sleipner will fly through the sky and fill the earth with joy.

I believe with Swedish children that Jultomte will come and deliver gifts to the poor as well as to the rich.

I believe with Finnish children that parties held on St.Stephen’s Day will erase sorrow.

I believe with Danish children that the music of a band playing from a church tower will strengthen humankind.

I believe with Bulgarian children that sparks from a Christmas log will create warmth in human souls.

I believe with American children that the sending of Christmas cards will build friendships.

I believe with all children that there will be peace on earth.

~Daniel Roselle

the coolest christmas song evah

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… i did it. i put a youtube video on my blog and raised my Christmas cred by about 80 kajillion million. look at me go – i’ve got mad youtube skilz.

i debated and debated over the live aid version or the band aid video and as cool as the live aid version is, there’s no boy george, so the video it is.

i must say that after watching the video a few times – okay, really all it took was seeing a young paul young, and a young simon le bon, and a young sting, oh, and bono as a baby (you get the picture) – i really, really, really feel old. and i refuse to believe it has been over 20 years since this song came out. no way, jose.

and maybe it’s not so very Christmas-y to complain, i must – you can only get the bandaid version of this song from itunes if you purchase the entire now that’s what i call christmas album. i mean really, $16.99? and all i want is this one fantastic song? and while this song is entirely worth the price, i refuse to buy it on principle – oh, yeah, and i have no desire to let any Christmas song brit-brit sings cross the internet ocean onto my mac. i love and respect pippin far too much – how dumb is that, actually used my computer’s name.

Christmas time is almost here

okay – i just realized that i titled this Christmas time is almost here and that is an absolutely stupid title – Christmas time is here… right now, like we’re livin’ it.  it’s Christmas itself that is almost here.  duh.

what… almost here, like how here is almost here? 10 days. hmmm… i’ve done nothing. not one gift, not one card. this is the first time i’ve even thought of gifts or cards. i wish i could say i was boycotting the consumerism of the holidays – hey, i can say that. i can say it and i will say it. will i mean it? does it matter? i’m just looking for an excuse. and this excuse means i can look at all those people out there who have finished all their shopping with disdain and accuse them of being all about the gifts and caring nothing about the holiday – totally masking the envy that is simmering just below the surface. ha, maybe this will be the best Christmas ever.

oh, wait, i seem to be selling myself short. i have decorated. i’ve gone over the top decorating my blog. pat myself on the back. pat, pat, pat.