halloween – sort of

it didn’t look like halloween.  nor feel like halloween.  but it was an attempt, of sorts.   there was a harvest festival at school.  the kids could dress up.  none of mine wanted to, but s10 changed his mind last minute and came up with this.


if you guessed pinball wizard, you’re amazing.  and, yes, that’s a hoodie and a really hot hat he’s wearing and it is like 95 degrees here.  but he liked it.

they’re were games to play (no pics) and candy to win.  which he did.


to the untrained eye – and unsuspecting mom – candy isn’t the first thing that came to mind when he flipped this strip at me.  but it is candy.  or something that’s supposed to pass as candy.


milk flavored candy.  not milk chocolate – just milk.  and not so good.

anyway, i started this post because i was lookin’ for a way to share a picture of this costume. because i think it’s awesome tasteless awesome tasteless awesome something.


all treat and no trick

it’s October 31… do you know what that means? no, not that it’s halloween, i mean, yes, it is halloween, but it’s also national knock-knock joke day and a good knock-knock joke is better than candy any day – okay, who am i fooling, but it’s better than cheap candy.

i’ll start…

knock knock

okay, this isn’t a knock-knock joke, but in the spirit of halloween…

what do you get when you cross bambi with a ghost?

(to see the answer highlight below.)