Burma – Run for Relief and Global Day of Prayer

this morning I managed to get myself out of bed and make it to Huey Tung Tao to participate in this year’s Run for Relief.  I walked the 5K, well I did a little running jogging, but mostly walking, partly because I’m in really bad shape, but partly because the pcd for today was 194.  I’m pretty sure I could feel the millions and millions of pollution particles as they were inhaled into my lungs.

living so close to the Thai/Burma border there are many, many opportunities to hear about the struggles in Burma.

there are over 1 million internally displaced people, and over 1 million refugees who have fled the country. there is continual environmental destruction, an HIV/AIDS epidemic, the ongoing laying of landmines, human trafficking and religious persecution. because of the regime’s mismanagement and corruption, it’s the world’s second largest opium producer and the main producer of methamphetamines in SE Asia.

~ free burma rangers

seeing videos of what’s going on and hearing stories from the people (many of them volunteers) who are working in Burma to help the internally displaced really makes me want to do something.  to get involved.  to get my hands dirty.  but I don’t know that I would be of all that much help actually in Burma.  I might slow them down.  I don’t have any special skills that might be of use, I lack medical training, public health knowledge and survival skills.  but there is one thing I can do.  I can promote their cause (that’s what this post is) and I can pray. that’s not too difficult of a thing to do.  tomorrow, Sunday March 8, is christians concerned for burma’s global day of prayer for burma.

if you want to learn more about the situation in Burma check out these links:

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and remember to pray.