the trip home that will never end

michael should have gotten home this morning. but there were problems at d/fw with the plane. i mean, apparently there were not initially problems, because he boarded his american airlines’ flight on time. then sat. for 3 hours. and then got off, because they deboarded the plane (and i do think that is the correct technical term, if it’s not, it should be.) after having the privilege of dealing with a disgruntled american airlines employee he was booked onto the next available flight. and, when you’re flying internationally, the domino effect of one rescheduled flight makes for an incredible pain in the derrière. he was supposed to layover in bangkok last night, but ended up stuck in tokyo. which meant he missed his flight this morning from bangkok to chiang mai. but american airlines assured him this would be no problem. they even gave him an official certificate that said,

dear bff thai air,

we at american airlines take full responsibility for mr. michael’s delay. it is in no way his fault. it’s our fault. not his. ours. please allow him to board your plane.


your bff,

american airlines

so, when michael finally makes it to bangkok, he confidently walks up to the thai air desk, hands them his official certificate and tries to book a flight home – for this evening. the ticket agent tells him both flights out this evening are booked. but he can fly standby, if he’d like. business class standby. and of course, he’ll have to buy another ticket. business class. “but, but, but,” he says, “i have this official certificate from american airlines, they assured me that you would gladly except it and give me a ticket with no problems.” and the ticket agent said, “yeah, whatever.” “we have no idea why american airlines would think that. you’ll have to buy a ticket to fly on our plane.” but first you have to wait to see if we can even get you on.

which is what he’s doing right now. waiting.

**update: since he was going to have to pay for his ticket anyway he went ahead and booked a flight on another airlines.  that had available seats.  coach.  he’ll be home this evening.  whew.