fourth grade field trips

the kids are on october break.  their last day of school before break they came home with their report cards.  for the most part they were good.  we did have some surprises – good and bad, but that’s okay, keeps things interesting.  included in s9’s report card folder was field trip information for the second quarter.  field trips in thailand are way cool.  last year he got to go to a fire station and put out fires that had been started by the firemen.  i sort of wondered if that could be topped.  and i now have the answer that.  yes.  it can be topped.

there are three field trips scheduled for the 2nd quarter of school.

  • first is a trip to the botanic gardens.  where they will look at ecosystems and habitats.  it’s all day with a picnic lunch and some other activities.  like swimming and paddle boats – which are cool, but not as cool as it gets.
  • third (yes, i know i skipped second, it’s the coolest, and all lists have to end with coolest thing.  that’s a rule) they will be headed to the national museum to spend a day learning about thai history and native handicrafts.
  • second – and the one that s9 seems to be absolutely gaga over (i can’t say that i blame him) – is an overnight camping trip.  yeah, that’s right.  two fourth grade classes going on an overnight camping trip!  and guess what they get to do??  they will be comparing life in the city and the country.  riding water buffalo.  harvesting rice.  picking fruit.  hiking and playing games.  they will be learning some basic phrases in the language spoken by this tribe – it’s not thai.  they will participate in making traditional handicrafts.  they will pound rice.  plant trees.  they will be sleeping in bamboo and wooden houses.  not like the western style house we live in. s9’s teacher’s husband grew up in this village.  and his family still lives there – they will be hosting this field trip. they leave the school at 8am and don’t return until the next day at 5pm.  and, trust me, i do know it sounds scary sending off about 40 9 & 10 year old boys and girls to a thai village about 4 hours drive from where we live.  it is a little scary.  maybe even alot.  but it’s still cool.  and if i didn’t feel confident that every necessary precaution will be taken i would keep him from going.  michael and i are waiting to here if there’s going to be a request for chaperones.  and then we’re gonna fight – or maybe draw straws – to see which one of us will get to go.  i’m practicing my throw downs!

field trips in thailand are just more educational

s8’s class went on a field trip to the fire station this week. he came home all excited and i couldn’t figure out exactly why. he’s been on a school field trip to the fire station, several, as a matter of fact. but after i got the details of this particular field trip i have a much better understanding of why an 8 yr. old boy might think this was the coolest field trip ever.

as i said the field trip was to the fire station. and the kids were promised that there would most likely be an opportunity to operate a fire extinguisher. how fun is that?? what wasn’t mentioned was that they would be putting out an actual fire with the fire extinguisher. an actual fire that the firemen themselves started right there in front of the entire 3rd grade from s8’s school. an actual fire that they started by pouring gasoline on the ground right there in front of the entire 3rd grade from s8’s school. and then lighting a match. i wouldn’t be telling the truth if i said i wasn’t ever so slightly disturbed by this. and this is one of those times that i’m seriously hoping s8 doesn’t have his facts exactly right. because if he does, it seems to me that about 42 8 & 9 yr old boys and girls now know how to use accelerant to start a fire. and i don’t think that was on the permission slip that the school sent home.