clecisions, clecisions

i now know the answer to whether or not i’ll run another 10k and that answer is… not only will i run a 10k, i’ll make it a 21k or maybe a 22.4k (but who’s measuring?)  which begs a new question – will i ever do a 1/2 marathon again?

this time last year i ran in the chiang mai marathon – the mini marathon that is.  my first 10k.  i didn’t hate it, but i didn’t love it.  and i didn’t prepare for it.  it was on christmas morning which gave it a certain appeal.  this year i had a few friends (all who had done the 10k last year) who decided to run the chiang mai marathon – the 1/2 marathon version.  and they weren’t training for it.  sounded like a good enough idea.  so on december 2 i signed up.  i even got another friend to sign up.  this year it wasn’t on christmas morning.  it was 2 days before.  and that made it a little less charming.  but i put together a plan of action.  #1 – start wearing my running shoes.  i’ve spent the past year or so wearing barefoot style shoes.  and not running in them.  it seemed a good idea to get my feet and legs used to the shoes that i know i can run in – my two year old running shoes.  #2 create a play list.  all christmas music seemed a really good idea – peppy christmas music that would keep me smiling.  #3 create a t-shirt – because everyone knows any race is made better by a witty t-shirt.

witty t-shirts are often made better when the final product is carried out by a non-english speaker

witty t-shirts are often made better when the final product is carried out by a non-english speaker

#4 – battle plan.  i decided to break the race up into 5k’s.  i know i can run one of those.  so i thought i would run 3 of them.  something like – run 5k, walk 2.5k, run 5k, walk 2.5k, run until i cross the finish line.  i was feeling pretty well ready.  but then i listened to my play list.  and i recreated it.  with a healthy mix of christmas and non-christmas music.  but the misstep with the music made the doubt set in.  and take hold – a strangle hold.

race day came.  (turns out the mayans were wrong.)  a 5am start comes mighty early, but i got there on time.  even rode my bike.  (somewhere around 13k i started questioning that decision).  i actually got off to a good start.  was feeling good.  decided at 5k i was feeling so good i would just keep running.  that might have been a mistake.  because my knee started hurting.  and i had to stop.  but then i started again.  and i managed to get to the 10k marker faster than i expected.  that might have been another mistake.  at 13k i was done.  i had no idea how i was going to make it one more step.  but turns out the folks planning this race know about that kind of thing because there were watermelons and bananas and gatorade-y type drinks to reenergise the can’t move another step runner.  (prepared runners might be aware of this, but i’m not one of those.)  anyway, the race kept going.  and going.  and going.  when i got to the marker that said 2km i knew i was going to make it and i wasn’t sure i was going to make it.  but i did.

131c 131e  131f

in the second photo, where my fingers are pointing, that’s where i’m instructing her to leave the chip alone and just cut off everything from my hips down.  i was hurting – a lot.

michael showed up to see me finish.  i’m not sure how i’m smiling in this picture.  my legs were in so much pain just standing was almost unbearable.


my official finish time was 3:12:40.  not a scorching speed, but i finished.  and it was one my new year’s resolutions from last year.  which means i kept one of them.