‘s’es are so over rated

got my bottom braces today.

and my plate to keep my new braces from being knocked off by my top teeth.

and – as an added bonus – the plate also keeps me from saying any word that includes the s sound, the th sound, the g sound, the h sound, the x sound, the z sound and i’m sure many other letter combinations i have yet to attempt.

the kids think it’s hilarious.  c14 said, “wow, this is better than a new toy.”  isn’t he nice?

on our way home from the orthodontist office the car breaks down.  won’t start.  we can’t convince it to go.  it’s dark out and we really don’t have any idea of whom to call.  as much as michael hates to he calls a lovely fellow, i’m gonna call him g, from the compassion office.  and michael is trying his hardest to give g an idea of where in the city we might be located.  something that might pinpoint it better than there’s a rice field by us.  since michael is really, really bad with directions he hands me the phone, so i can tell him where we are and what route we took to get here.  and michael and the kids can sit back and laugh.

my directions included landmarks like the “deven hundred year dadium” which i got to repeat many times.  and finally g, says, “are you saying the stadium?  the seven hundred year stadium?”  “yed”, that’s exactly what i was saying.  several times i got to use the word “dreet” and say that we were “eadt” or “wedt” of this or that “interdection”.  it all went very well.  and i was helped out by the fits of laughter from my other family members.  real shake forgetters confidence builders, they are.

g contacted another compassion employee, who lived closer to our location, and sent him to locate us.  and then once he located us they sent a mechanic.  who turns out to be our mechanic – not too big of a coincidence, we found him through compassion.  the mechanic sends us home in his car and has his technician begin work on our car.  in the dark, in the rain.  so they can get it back to the shop.  tomorrow we’ll hopefully know what’s wrong and it will be a quick fix.

and now i’m going to attempt to edit my vocabulary to exclude any words with sounds i can’t pronounce.  did i mention that none of my teeth connect with each other.  that might interfere with my ability to chew.  the orthodontist said i’d figure it out…

do these make my mouth look fat?

*michael has run off to hong kong with my camera leaving me no option but to take photos with the mac.  works for me.*

i’m a wuss.  these things hurt.  food hurts.  the cheese grater effect on my cheeks hurt.  and only 1/2 of them are in.  in another week i get the bottom set.  i figure that will be just about the time this set stops hurting.

the upside (yes, there is an upside) – i have finally put the blender to use.  this morning i had a banana mango smoothie.  it was pretty good.  so anyone who has an excellent smoothie recipe they might be willing to share, i would greatly appreciate it.

oh, and another possible upside…  the last time i had my mouth messed with i lost 45 pounds.  of course, then it was a bit more than just braces.  i had all the saliva glands from my tongue removed and 80 gajillion stitches in my tongue.  and right after that i had mono.  when all was said and done i weighed 98 pounds.  and i was skinnnyyyy for prom!  i don’t really want to weigh 98 pounds again, but  i wouldn’t mind losing 45.