i can cross that off my to do list

this afternoon i loaded up the trunk and headed to the post office to mail everything and anything i’ve been meaning to send to people. i’ve been stocking up. you remember way back here when i gave away not one, but two necklaces? and i went and told these ladies that they won. a necklace from thailand. expect it anyday. well, they are in the mail. they are packages #2 & 4. so sorry ladies, i have no excuse, but better late than never, right? expect it any day – or in the next two weeks. and i’ve gotten out my first dishcloth exchange package. it’s #6. and i was so excited to get this underway that i forgot to do any kind of blocking or anything. oops.

the other packages are thank you gifts and i miss you gifts and birthday gifts. finally, i’ve accomplished something this summer.

because i’m a giver


and because all the cool kids are doing it – i’m joining the bloggy giveaway carnival. and i’m having two drawings. which means two of you will win. international shipping is included.

all you have to do is:

  • leave a comment to this post, the one you’re reading right now, and you will be entered for the random drawing.
  • i’ll draw a winner sometime over the weekend and will link to the mr. linky at bloggygiveaways.com. i will also contact the winner by leaving a comment to a post on their blog.
  • you do not need to be a blogger to participate! if you aren’t a blogger i will try to contact you by email, but you should make sure and check back here (or bloggygiveaways.com) to see if you’ve won.

now, what am i giving away?? two necklaces made right here in thailand. they are similar, but not identical. i’m posting pics, but they aren’t great.

necklace #1 –

and a close up –

and necklace #2 –

and a close up –

after you’ve commented here remember there are a ton of giveaways at bloggygiveaways.com.