party time

so, i saw this blog party thing weeks ago, way back when i could have been one of the first 100 on board. but thought, “nah. i think i’ll pass.” then i started getting party posts in my rss feed. and i thought, “well, if they’re doing it i really, really want to do it, too. cuz they’re cool.” oh, yeah, and they’re giving away prizes and i like to win things. so i decided i’m gonna do this party thing. and now, i’m gonna be in the first 1500 or so on board.

baa baa.

any way, welcome to the party at my blog. sorry about the state of things, see i’ve recently been transplanted over 8000 miles from colorado springs, co, usa to chiang mai, thailand. so the house is a little bare and i haven’t really gotten the hang of cooking on my two burner propane stove. but we’ll have a good time anyway. let me introduce you to some folks –

there’s bh, it stands for better half – or on really bad days it could stand for something else, so i’ve been told, but i would never have thought of that on my own, really. i. never. would. have.

img_1133.jpg bamboo-raft-sleepy-bh.jpg

there’s also c13, who might be the best teenager ever. no, really. i’m not being sarcastic – he is the best.


a11’s here, too, wonder girl extraodanaire, a most delightful girl.


and, last but not least, s8. the baby of the crowd, which also means the clown. and boy is he funny.


and now it’s time to get down. and we’re gonna blog party like we’ve never blog partied before – which we haven’t.

and since i’m feeling lucky, i’m thinking i might win something. like maybe one of these

and if any of those aren’t available then perhaps 136, 11, 115, 148 or anything else knitty/crafty or note cards. and i know i appear to be international, but i do have a mailing address in the states.