first birthday in thailand

today we celebrate our first birthday since our transplantation relocation. and it’s c1314. he’s really a teenager now, no more just pretending. cuz 13 seems almost like your just fakin’ teen, but 14? that’s the real stuff. so, today, in honor of c1314 – it’s all him, all the time.


c2 and his great-grandad. c2 seemed to have an extra portion of that hold me and let me drain the life out of you gift that so many babies seem to have.

c4 was a ring bearer and he was less than impressed with the tasks entailed.

c10, first day of not homeschool.

c11, too cool.

c13, i’m sure there is some cool new verb for zoning out with your ipod, but i don’t know it.

c13, just a few weeks ago.


haiku friday


pink slip in mailbox
what could it possibly mean?
a package for me!


yesterday there was something in our mailbox. i’d been checking everyday and finding nothing – i expected the same yesterday, but i got a surprise.


img_0996.jpg img_0997.jpg

now, where’s the post office?? i manage to get directions and off i go…


not even a member of pui’s evil street gang is going to stop me.

and i find it.


i head in, way more excited than your normal package picker upper, and am redirected. turns out that whatever it is that’s waiting for me is the type of thing they handle behind the post office. sounds like it might be something fantastic.



i trade my pink slip in and in return receive this – it is a most welcome package from my wonderful, fantastic, great, etc., etc… friend, carrie –



i lovingly place it in the passenger seat and drive home, maybe a bit maniacal, but really, who doesn’t drive that way here? and i open it.

like this


candy,books, shirts (i managed to make it here with very few of my shirts and the ones i did bring became victims of my first laundry attempts), books and a wonderful birthday present.


and, now, on that mood scale of mine i’m pretty much off the charts. not that i can be bought, but it sure does help.

outdid ourselves this time…

what did i do for my birthday? a11 took me to a movie – her choice. it was all her idea and she paid for it. i was a bit skeptical, thought it might be dumb, but it turned out to be very cute. then came home to a surprise ice cream cake – and since it’s colder outside than it is in the freezer it was on the porch to greet me. and what’s the best way to have a little cake? like this of course…


and with whom? family and friends, including her…


there really were others, but i didn’t take their pictures. only winey’s. cuz i was too busy eatin’ cake and drinkin’ wine. and then the party really started. bh and i sat down and took out our pencils and winey proctored a test for us. cuz that’s how we roll on birthdays around here. what test you ask? the mmpi-2. and i know i don’t have to tell you what that stands for, but i’ll tell you anyway – the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory-2. and any test that starts with answering true or false to “i like mechanics magazines” and ends 567 questions and 90 minutes later with “most married couples don’t show much affection for each other” and includes the phrases “make talk” and “my people” – well, you know that’s a good time.

i’m getting ready to sit down and take the mbti (myers-briggs type indicator), the version 2000 of the enrich questionaire, and the taylor-johnson temperament analysis. i know – sounds like way too much fun for new year’s eve. bh has already done them and after i finish them we send them off to the counseling place and from all of this information they will be able to tell us just what kind of crazy we are – and if it’s the right kind of crazy.

i wonder if it will bother them at all that question #59 on the mmpi-2 has a stain. what could possibly be, i mean there’s just the slightest chance ever, that it’s a very small wine stain? think that will affect our score?

not all that silent sunday


this is obviously a map of most of the state of colorado. i only need the circled part for my demonstration.


this part – i know it’s much more colorful than map i’m saying it came from

our trip began as our moving sale ended. c13 had to be at a birthday party in divide at 4p. we already knew we were gonna be late, and that was before someone bought a bed at the moving sale and we said we’d deliver it. after dropping off the bed we get on the road. we’re driving along and as we get higher and higher the weather gets worse and worse. a snow plow goes by us headed the other way and splashes our windshield with slushy, muddy muck and that’s when i discovered i was out of windshield wiper fluid. i go as long as i can and when it gets too hard to see – conveniently – there’s a starbucks, so i pull over – that’s stop #1. i happen to be in what seems to be the friendliest place in the world for the homeless. the firefighters are going up and down the street – and it’s not really a street is a highway – lighting fires in trash cans and the homeless of this city are gathering around. i get myself a lovely warm caffeinated triple venti gingerbread latte and a really, really big water. get back to the car and pour a little water on my windshield. and again we’re off. we’re driving along – c13 has fallen asleep – i’m enjoying my coffee and listening to Christmas music when something feels odd, like maybe i’m lost. so, i pull into a gas station (stop #2), wash my windshield off, and ask directions. of course, i’ve gone too far. so we turn around and head back to divide, where X marks the spot, back where i should have turned to begin with. i find the house, drop off c13, – this is s#3 – head back to the car, pour a little more of that starbucks water on the windshield and start out of the driveway. i get back out of the car, knock on the door and ask for help. i’m stuck – can’t get out of the driveway. so mr. dad of the birthday boy pushes my van out of the driveway with his suv and off i go. i’m doing great until i get to #4, where the highway is closed because they are having a parade – it turns out this city isn’t really all that friendly to the homeless, they are just trying to keep their citizens warm so they can enjoy the parade. and i’m now taking a detour to who knows where. i go where the police direct me, make a stop to pour some more water on my windshield (that’s #5), and manage to be directed back to the highway (#6) and feel pretty certain i will make it home. i make two more water pouring stops (#7 & #8) and make it safely home. whew.

now i’ll be silent. cuz it’s sunday.

suk san wan keut, bh

that means happy birthday in thai. aren’t you amazed at my mastery of my soon to be new tongue? okay, i did find it on a website that lists how to say happy birthday in 161 different languages. i would have written it using the actual thai alphabet, but i didn’t think you’d be able to read it – oh, and i don’t know the thai alphabet.

anyway, today’s celebration is bh’s birthday!! and the best i can do is say happy birthday, there will be no giving of gifts or eating of cake – but don’t go feeling sorry for him; bh doesn’t like cake and he is in thailand on his birthday. the biggest perk to being in thailand for your birthday? it starts 12 hours earlier there than it does here. woo hoo!

enjoy the rest of your birthday, bh. i love you. oh, yeah, and…


that is happy birthday in the actual thai alphabet. or it could say “let’s all make fun of the idiot who copies and pastes this text thinking it says happy birthday” either way, it’s all good.

loosen up, lighten up day

i’m gonna take this one to heart. i’m all worried about this move thing. i find it slightly stressful that the time frame for the move has shifted greatly.* actually, i’m a little freaked by it. i keep going over and over in my head the things i have to do and the things that have to happen… it’s overwhelming. and i’m not even thinking of the little things. not only does all this stuff have to happen but life just keeps on keeping on. there are birthdays and holidays to celebrate, appointments to make and keep, i gotta go to work, bh has to travel and, oh yeah, we gotta move! but because it’s loosen up, lighten up day that’s just what i’m gonna do.

for 24 hours i won’t even think of this move and everything else that’s going on. i’ll day dream. i’ll watch soaps and eat bonbons. i’ll stare out the window. i’ll soak in my jacuzzi tub and drink a little champagne. i’ll have a massage and pedicure. it will be amazing. it won’t be a celebration – it’s going to be way too low key for that. i think i’ll take up yoga and meditation. i’m already feelin’ it – aaaahhhh…

oh, yeah, and if you believe any of that, i’ve got some property to sell you, i think that jacuzzi tub i’m gonna relax in is located there.

*it seems our move may have shifted from one j month to another. originally it was to be july and now, well, let’s just say it ain’t june.

edited to include:  in honor of loosen up, lighten up day (or lulu day as ruth kindly pointed out) my mom has said she will take care of all of this for me…  now, that’s a load off.