mission trip 2010

c16 & a13 went on a mission trip to two akha villages in northern thailand over april break. this was a first for a13. c16 had been on a trip to one of the villages two years ago. they went with mixed feelings. they were excited, but also bummed that they’d be missing out on the songkran festivities here in chiang mai. turns out they both had a very good time. except for the day and a half that c16 spent puking. at least it happened in the second village. there they stayed in a hotel and not a hut. and had real toilets and not squatty potties. a few other reasons it’s better that it happened there than here – a) i’m not so much for the puking and b) there he had aircon and tv. neither of which he would have had here.
from what they’ve told me and what i’ve gleaned from the pics it apears their job for the week was volunteer jungle gyms. and it looks like they did it well.