midsummer potluck

it’s monday and that means it’s time for another potluck.  and while a potluck might not provide that much entertainment, it certainly does clear out the junk that’s rattling around in my head.


this past friday a13, a friend of hers, s10 and i went to horizon.  we’d originally planned to go on a saturday, but i thought a weekday might be less crowded.  and normally that would be true, but it just happened that this week there was an entire thai school there.  the watget school – which is just down the street from us.  and that meant that there were 200 thai kids there that wanted to try out all the english they know for greeting people.  and if i were gonna guess i said, “hello”, “nice to meet you”, “nice day” or some variety of the three at least 500 times while riding a bike.  and smiling.


the worst of the hot season is behind us.  we haven’t hit 40 in a while, but we have been resting uncomfortably around 37 (or 98).  and the 70% humidity isn’t helping.  i know it’s hotter elsewhere in the world, like texas.  but that’s doesn’t make me feel any better.

it has to end sometime, right?



this weeks word is เริ่ยบร้อย.

it’s a thai word.

pronounced rip-roy – but not exactly, because with out the right tones you aren’t saying the right word…  anyway, it means orderly or proper.

so, if you say it correctly you’re saying it rip-roy.


lately i just can’t seem to get the bananaramas out of my head.  maybe it’s the fact that the new karate kid is out making the music from the old karate kid fresh again.  or maybe it’s the whole being left behind thing.  whatever it is it definitely seems to be a cruel summer at times.

“it’s a cruel, (cruel), cruel summer
(leaving me) leaving me here on my own
it’s a cruel, (it’s a cruel,) cruel summer”


this week foe.  but it’s probably more my fault than the scales’.


potluck – 4th of july style

it’s monday and time once again to join in on holly’s potluck.

yesterday we went to the local vfw 4th of july celebration. our cost of admission – 1000฿ or $30 for 3 of us – included all you can eat bbq – real beef hot dogs (thai hotdogs are nasty and made out of questionable meat product), ribs, burgers, potato salad, onion rings, etc… now in order to get our “free” bbq we – and by we i mean me – had to stand in a really, really long line.

they came up with a way to fix the waiting in an unbearably long line problem. and it involved making four separate lines. and those of us who’d made it to the very, very front and had plate in hand and even had managed to get a hotdog on that plate were sent shuffling. and ended up at the tail end of one of those four separate lines. where we got to wait 2 more hours for 1 rib. 1 single rib. the end. except, when i went to get in the new and improved rib line #3 ate the hot dog.

chronic fatigue syndrome. when i entered the symptoms sore feet and sweating dr. google diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. and, after today, this one seems close. but i think leaving off the chronic and the syndrome part would be a more accurate diagnosis.

i’m taking some liberties here… instead of what’s in my fruit bowl, i’m gonna tell you about some of the fruity things we saw at our thai-influenced 4th of july celebration

potluck making up for lost time

i know, i’d just gotten on board the potluck bandwagon when i got derailed. (do bandwagon’s get derailed?) but i’m back. bigger and better and more (or less) random than ever. and with fewer buttons. because i’m just that lazy.

so, what’s in my fruit bowl? nothing. but it is a brand new fruit bowl that michael brought back from the philippines. i’m still trying to decide just how i feel about it.

michael and i just celebrated our 18th anniversary. and look what he got me. it’s sort of awesome. and i am hanging it outside our bathroom.

this was given to michael. it was a thank you gift for the time he spent teaching in the philippines. i haven’t yet figured out where we’re gonna build michael’s shrine. so this hasn’t found its permanent home.

does she feel as bad as she looks? probably worse. in the past week she’s been diagnosed with a displaced patella. she’s been spayed. she’s been groomed. she’s been run over by a motorcy. both wheels. whomp. whomp. right over her torso. we’re still not 100% sure of how she’s doin’. we think okay. but we’re observing her at home for a few more days. and if things don’t turn around they’ll be observing her at the animal hospital.

since i live in a cross cultural setting i’ve determined that the word i choose each week (or each week that i choose a word) will be a word not normal to the american venacular. this week it will be….


adjective: upset, disappointed. British slang.

potluck the second helping

it’s monday again and that means i’ve got plenty to say, but not a lot of content. so, once again, it’s a potluck.

today, i’m not so hot. just very, very warm. right now it’s 36 celsius. which is the same as almost 97 degrees. so much cooler than last week. but in bangkok, things are hot hot hot. and i’m talking politics. i have no idea when it will settle down or how. and since this is all new to everyone in the entire country, no one else knows, either. but there’s more and more talk of it coming our way. two bombs at atms last night and rumor of a bus caught on fire – both here in town.

this week dr. google has diagnosed me with acanthocheilonemiasis. i bet that changes when the mosquito bites go away and my skin no longer itches.

one sad little mangosteen, one gecko (well, he’s not there anymore, but he was there just now, when i peeked), red apples and a light box thing.

this week i didn’t burn moroccan carrots, tangy-sweet plum chicken or take out.

and that’s the way to get in a big post of nothingness. well, except the bangkok thing. that one’s not nothing.

some mondays might mean potluck

i have nothing worthy of an entire post to write about, but i’ve still got words i am desperate want to use. so i’m stealing holly’s potluck monday idea. and i might steal it every monday. that’s for me to know and you to find out. (ok, really i’ve got no idea.) what’s a posting potluck? well, you know how when you go to a potluck dinner and everyone brings a dish that is for the most part absolutely unrelated to any other dish there, but it still tastes good? it’s sort of like that. but with random thoughts instead of food. and i’m the only one who contributes.

i sure am. today the temp hit 41, which to my farenheit temperature telling brain sounds lovely. but they use celsius here and that that translates to 107 farenheit. and we have to sleep without aircon. which means i don’t sleep. i just sweat. and that is not at all refreshing.

this week dr. google thinks i might be menopausal or possible going through nicotine withdrawal. i’m betting he’s wrong on both accounts.

mangosteen, apples, rambuton, onions and a tide to go pen. the tide to go pen is the most valuable.

carnitas, spaghetti or boiled eggs. i also didn’t burn a souffle. of course, i didn’t make a souffle.

and that’s all the random i have to offer.