Day 9 – Playing with the Big Boys

I was up at 6:55a and did all the usual morning stuff.


6:55a and that grass looks ready to kill

On the trail (I’m using that word loosely – mostly it was just fields) around 9 for a longish day of riding.

Today we rode over a pass, through lots of tall grass, through bogs and across open fields.  Something in this combination of terrain tried to kill me – for real.  I was itchy and hive-y and wheezy.  We took a small break just so I could get some diphenhydramine in me and see if it would postpone death.  It worked – thankfully.

I wheezed my way into camp, bathed as well as I could in the freezing stream and went to check out what else was happening in camp.

I’d been waiting for an opportunity to play cards with the guys.  They play a Mongolian card game called Mass.  I’d been introduced to it a few nights before by Saruul, one of the translators, and I was pretty sure I was ready to play with the big boys.

We played cards for a while then had dinner.  I’d obviously rallied after my near death experience because I managed to stay awake for an evening of chatting.


What’s with the sun being up still at 11:40p?


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