Day 5 – Let’s Ride

I woke up bright and early at 6:30am.  Walked around camp, helped Haldi start fires, washed some dishes, and was ready for breakfast at 8am.

Jen, our tour guide with Zavkhan Trekking,  and Haldi, one of our translators, did a test ride of all the horses.  They then chatted about which horse would be best with which rider.  After all the deliberations were over, we were helped into the saddles and set off.   We each named our horses.


Roy John

I named mine Roy John after my grandfather.  I spent a lot of time chatting with him.

Today was meant to be just an easy introductory ride.  And for most of us it was.  However, about 20 min in, Saruul’s (one of the translators) horse spooked and threw him off.  We all dismounted to wait for the wranglers to encourage his horse to rejoin the group.

We rode for about 3 hours, including a snack break.  We walked and we trotted.  I feel like my lessons paid off, but I also feel like it would have been good to manage a few more lessons.

We returned to camp just in time for a neighboring herder to herd his sheep in to camp.  One of our drivers and wranglers managed to identify the perfect specimen.

In no time this sheep had been slaughtered and was being prepped for dinner.  All things mutton seemed to fall under the purview of the Mongolian men.  I joined them for an afternoon snack of liver and heart.  It was tasty.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit lazy.  Lots of reading and napping happened.


Dinner was curry and salad.  Then we spent some time chatting around the campfire.  Bedtime was about 10:40p.


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