Day 4 – I’m Not Gonna Make It

A bit of a rough day today.  I’m missing my family, I’m unsure if this diversion from real live is beneficial.  And my allergies are over the top.  It’s a struggle.  Luckily we have one final stop.  It’s a smaller town, but it does have a pharmacy and they do have allergy meds and lozenges.  I stock up, even though I’m pretty sure nothing can save me at this point.

We drive on to our first camp.  The camp where we meet our horses.


But first up is a trial ride of 2 of the tamest horses.  We’re being matched with prospective horses based on our performance on the two tame horses.  Sort of like the dating game.

Everyone did well on their trial rides and by that I mean none of us fell off.

After our rides we inspect camp.  It doesn’t take long to discover that the “toilet” has been dug with the door facing camp and that the plastic sheeting is a wee bit less than waist high.  This is taken care of in due time.


the repaired “toilet”

I head to bed about 10:30p.


yes, that is a true representation of 10:30pm.

I wake up at midnight to use the facilities.


that’s one bright moon at midnight.

So much for seeing amazing stars!



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