Day 3 – Keep on Driving

Our Zavkhan Trekking group was up at 8am.


Very blue skies at 8am.

We were back on the road.


Not everyone defines road the same way.

Our first stop is the last chance at a supermarket.  There is also a pharmacy.  Turns out Mongolia hates me.  My allergies are on high alert.  Actually they are on kill me mode.

Today I also start to realize just how vast Mongolia is.  There is absolutely no end in sight.

We stopped to have lunch by the river.  The translators and drivers – all who are Mongolian and should know about all things Mongolian – introduce us to Mongolian Tuna.  Mongolia is landlocked so I’m not sure how that happened.

After lunch we are back on the road where we encounter our first livestock vs. Furgon face off.


no sheep were hurt during this encounter

Our final stop was our second Ger camp at Badmaarag.  This is a training facility for uni students studying hospitality.

We finished our evening with a horse talk/warning.  I admit to feeling a bit tentative/scared out of my pants after this.  I’d read most of what was said, but for some reason I blocked that these horses were partly to mostly wild out of my mind.  Nothing to do about that now.


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