Day 2 – Let’s Get this Party Started

Breakfast is scheduled for 7am this morning.  I woke up feeling determined that this trip will be good.  It’s my dream to see Mongolia and I need to be in the right frame of mind to make it good.  We were on the road at 7:30am.  It was supposed to be 7:20am, but we were close.  And I’d stained a towel pink with my purple hair and the hotel had a bit of freak out about that.  (I should be over that, but I’m not.)

We were traveling in Furgons – Russian vans that can handle any and everything.

We stopped for a potty break and lunch.


The view from the “potty”.


Lunch.  Sardines included.

After lunch it was back in the vans with Kharakhorum as our destination.  We stopped there to visit the museum and the temple.

Our final stop was the Khan Taij Ger Camp in Kharakhorum.  We got there, found our Gers (cross sleeping in a Ger off my bucket list), and went for a hike.

Dinner was fried chicken (a little bit of a suprise for me) and for entertainment we had traditional Mongolian music, including a bit of throat signing.

All in all a good day 1 with Zavkhan Trekking.


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