And So It Begins

I arrived in UB today.  (UB = Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia).  It feels a little odd to be doing this alone.  Part of that is because I’m sad.  I left my home and I left my son and husband in there and they will move to America without me.  I had a very good last day in Chiang Mai, but I’m still not ready to accept that I will not be returning there.  I’m also tired.  The past few weeks have been draining.  It just isn’t easy to do this.  I spent a little bit of the afternoon walking around UB – I didn’t venture too far away, but did take in a few sights.


Then there was dinner with the whole group who are on this Zavkhan Trekking trip with me – the other horse riders, our translators and our trip leader.

After dinner I returned to the hotel feeling like I’d made a mistake.  I was overwhelmed with taking in a new level of new while trying not to process this transition.  I talked to Michael a bit.  He and Sam are in Bangkok.

Then I went to sleep.

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