Why Mongolia on a Horse?

When we found out in late 2015 that we’d be leaving Thailand and returning to America one of my first thoughts was that I hadn’t seen enough.  I hadn’t done enough.  Why didn’t I travel more?  Where did I want to go?  Where had Michael been that I hadn’t?

I started with a list and asked myself if I wanted to travel there.

  • Mongolia – Big YES!
  • Sri Lanka – Would be nice.
  • Northern India – Maybe
  • The Philippines – Maybe
  • Bangladesh – Big NO!

Since time was an issue and money was an issue and Michael’s travel schedule was an issue it had to be just one and it wasn’t too difficult to figure out which one it would be.  I have friends who traveled on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to St. Petersburg through Mongolia.  That sounded amazing.  I started researching it.  Could we make it work?  Probably, but I’d be traveling alone and I felt like a train trip by myself could be really lonely.  So I looked up other ways to see Mongolia.  How would I enjoy seeing it on my own and when would be the best time?  The when was pretty easy.  We knew we’d be returning to America mid-July.  We’d originally planned that I would stay in Thailand for a few more weeks while Michael and Sam attended to other business in America and then we’d meet up in Colorado.  Rather than stay in Thailand I could head to Mongolia, but what would I do there?  Google to the rescue.  I had dates and location and Google gave my an option I’d never considered.

Horseback riding across Mongolia.  (Not all of Mongolia – it’s a really, really big place.)

There are several outfits that you can work through and they all sounded good, but one appealed to me more than the others – Zavkhan Trekking.  They accept all levels of experience.  I rode a horse once at camp when I was 12 or so.  There was no hard and fast itinerary.  I’m a fan of the “we’ll get there when we get there” approach.  The dates of the trek were almost perfect for my schedule.  Two days later would have been better, but these were very doable.

It seemed perfect, but there was one more thing to do before I signed up.  Take a horseback riding lesson.



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