Triple Threat

Last week was a big week for Sam.  It began with the school awards assembly where he was recognized as Best Male Performer for the Spring semester.


Mr. Turner and Sam

It ended with the school’s “Monologue and Songs Competition”…


where he danced, and he monologued, and he sang.  He was so good!

We knew about the dancing, it was a group thing, everyone had to do it.  Sam’s on the right side of the screen front row.


We also knew about the monologue.  He wrote his own monologue this year and I’d heard him rehearsing it through his bedroom door, but this was the first time I saw it performed.


We did not know about the singing.  And when I say we didn’t know about the singing I mean we didn’t know Sam sang.  We knew he was able to sing, but we didn’t know he sang in public.  We also didn’t know he wrote lyrics.  So we were as surprised as everyone else when he got up on stage to sing an original song.  His friend who accompanied him on guitar wrote the music.


Seeing how this was a competition there were trophies.  Sam came home with second place for his monologue.


Mr. Turner and Sam



2 thoughts on “Triple Threat

  1. hope you seriously consider making this a book! always enjoy your perspectives, comments, humor, honest accounts of your journey

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