all the world’s a stage…

tonight was the last performance of the last play sam will do at cmis.   he’s sort of a loner when it comes to running lines and practicing, so while i’d heard bits and pieces of his lines through his bedroom door, i’d never heard him actually run his lines.  he did an amazing job and it was a lot of fun to watch him totally transform in to the character.

sam came on stage and if i hadn’t known which character he was playing i wouldn’t have known it was sam.  voice was different, mannerisms were different, everything was different.


pretty quickly he took a turn for the worse and was in his death bed.


from his death bed he had a heart to heart with his son he hadn’t seen in 10 years.


and he just kept on in his death bed.


he shared another moment with his son.  from his death bed.


he was so committed to this death bed thing that he stayed there during intermission.


for all of intermission.


as the cast performed stage right (or maybe it was stage left) he stayed in his death bed


yep, still in his death bed.


yep, still there.


from his death bed he confessed his love to his estranged life.  and then he died.


he pulls old man off pretty well.


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