Christmas 2015

Our last Christmas in Thailand.  (Yes, I now see everything through the lens of we’re moving and it’s the last time we’ll do blank in Thailand.)

I did something a little different on Christmas Eve.  I went to CrossFit Circus school – it was a juggling/acro class.  The juggling I’ve got to work on, but how awesome will it be when juggling random (non-pointy and not-on-fire) things becomes my cool party trick.  I’m pretty much a pro at the acro.  I should probably add carnival side show to my linkedin profile.

After circus school, I did some grocery shopping.  It’s really nice to be able to wait until the day before to do the grocery shopping for the Christmas day meal.  Then it was home for family time and staying awake for the candle light service at church.  This gets harder and harder each year.  I might have nodded off a few times during the service.

Christmas morning we were greeted by our house-help (& friends) and their kids, Khao, Jim, Beckham, and Patty.  They sang carols, prayed for us, and gifted us with eggs.

Then it was present time.  All my pictures are of Sam opening presents.  It’s tough being the only kid left. All the attention is on you. Unless , unlike Sam, you’re the kind of kid who likes that.

After presents were open it was time to cook.  Our tradition the past few years has been to order ham and/or turkey (this year just ham) and to pick one side dish each to go along with it.  This year we also ordered stuffing and rolls.  Our side dishes were broccoli rice casserole, macaroni & cheese, brussel sprouts, and banana pudding.

I got a little teary as Sam made the banana pudding.  I can’t remember a holiday with out banana pudding.  My great grandmother used to make it, then my grandmother made it, then I took over and now Sam.  I’m pretty sure that makes it a tradition.

Dinner was delicious.  Turns out I really enjoy cooking when Sam takes on over 50% of the kitchen work.  After dinner we played a game of Axis & Allies.  Michael and I were the Axis and we proved you can’t rewrite history.



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