I wrote my first blog post on 01 September 2007.  We’d just found out we were going to be moving – we weren’t yet sure of where we’d be going other than South Asia – and I thought it would be a good idea to blog about our move and everything that would happen during our transition.  I remember the thrill of all that was to come.  It was all so unknown and for the most part exciting and (on occasion) scary.  Well, the time has come to go the other way.

We’re moving back to America. We’re moving back with Michael’s job.  This should be a good move for him – career wise – and I totally support him.  However, I am not at all ready to go.  I’m not sure I’ll ever really be ready to go. It’s months away (7 months or so), but I’m not able to approach it the way I did our move here.

So here I go.  Blogging about returning.  Right now it doesn’t feel like returning home, even though we’ll be returning to the same house we lived in before.

There are folks who are excited for our return and we are so thankful for them, but we also don’t know how to make them understand that we can’t share in their excitement and that we need that to be okay.  Eventually we will get there.  I think.




3 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Every time we move there are new things to do, new places to see, and new friends to make. There are also endless adjustments and even some tears. I will be praying for you as you begin to make the transition! May the Lord prepare your heart and your new home for His new, wonderful plan!!

  2. Returning is great in a lot of ways – being near family again, no language barriers, a lot of things are more convenient, and holidays back home are a treat. But there are so many things that we grieved to say goodbye to – the best food on the planet, friends that had become like family, a multi-cultural and multi-denominational church, coffee shops, and, for me, doing work that was really meaningful. We’ll be praying for you and your family during these next several months!

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