I can see clearly now…

yep, that’s a trash can in the background.

Lately – like the last 6 months, maybe year, maybe more – I’ve noticed my eyes weren’t right. Reading glasses went from handy to have around to must have around – my vision just seemed off.  Things finally got bad enough that an eye exam couldn’t be avoided.  Turns out I’ve got old eyes (that’s a self diagnosis).  Like eyes old enough to need bifocals.  The eye dr guy gave me two options.  He said I could have two different pairs of glasses – one for distance and another close up.  That seemed a little excessive to me.  My other option was progressive lenses (like bifocals, but progressive-er.)  I went with progressive lenses.  I picked them up today.  Turns out there is a learning curve when it comes to progressive lenses.  For the first week I’m only supposed to wear them while I’m sitting down.  The 2nd week I can wear them and walk with them, except when I’m going up or down stairs. (or at least that’s how I’m translating “second week wear them all the time, except when you walk on different steps and after that you will feel better.”)  After week three all should be good.

As a side note I realized that maybe I don’t know myself all that well.  My glasses are purple.  My hair is bordering on purple.  I’ve always said that I don’t really like purple.  Maybe I’m wrong about that.

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