The Duomo and the Uffizi

We were up early Tuesday to catch the train to Florence.  We got in, found our hotel, and headed out in search of food and coffee (the search for food and coffee was never very taxing). I knew one of the things to see in Florence was Michelangelo’s David.  I wasn’t sure exactly where they kept him and was a little surprised to find him in the middle of a food court.  I was also slightly alarmed to discover he’d developed a bit of an addiction.

After lunch it was time to find the Duomo.    It was a little hard to miss.  We took some time to tour the Duomo and climb the tower.

After the Duomo it was just a short skip and a jump to the Uffizi museum and another Rick Steves’ tour.  A good deal of the Uffizi was closed for renovation and I found myself a little bit mesmerized by all the painting on the ceilings.  Lots of man hours were dedicated to the painting of the ceilings. I mean lots.

We finished at the Uffizi had a late dinner and then hit the hay.  Pretty sure we were asleep by 9pm – at least those of us in my room.

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