Weta Caves & Workshop

Our fourth day found us in Wellington and getting a little bit of a late start.  We had a scheduled time for our tour of the Weta Workshop and it had been arranged weeks in advance and missing out on it wasn’t an option.  You might notice how focused Michael is on the driving.  In the zone.

We were so focused on getting out of the motor park and on the high way that we might have skipped a step or two in the proper putting away the camper related stuff before you depart.

We accidentally got on the highway heading away from Weta Caves.  While we were correcting our course we noticed a guy waving us down.  Michael pulled over, rolled down the window, and was told that we were dragging our power cord.  Dragging it down the highway behind us like a tail.  Michael had to get out of the caravan, on a busy service road, gather up the cord, and stow it away.  He was pleased.  (Photos are a reenactment.  He kindly posed for me.  I knew I’d eventually blog this.)


The drive to Weta was beautiful.  Our first real view of the ocean.

We made it and we were late.  They were able to switch our time to a little later in the day so we spent some time looking around the gift shop.  Posing with props and wandering out to find some coffee.  Michael was paid the highest of compliments by one of the staff – “I mean this in the best way possible, you would make an awesome dwarf.”

After we finished at Weta it was time to hit the road again.  We were of off in search of glow worms.

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