Where Adventures Begin

I just remembered why we had so much time to take detours.  We’d planned to go to Tongariro National Park and hike across Modor.  But it was closed.  Because we went in winter.

Today was all about us getting to Wellington so we could make it to Weta Caves the next day.  On our way we saw snow, icy roads, and more snow.


We also saw a giant carrot.  I was pretty stoked about it.  Who knew that giant carrots marked the spot where adventures begin?

Turns out the giant carrot was right.  Because the next thing we found was a giant corrugated tin maze.  Who wouldn’t stop for that?

Our stop for the night was Wellington.  The driving was a bit stressful.  At least it was stressful as the navigator.  Michael did all of our driving, but the icy roads slowed us down some.

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