This might have happened on the 8th of July

Our next goal was getting to Weta Caves way down in Wellington, but we had some time to get there.  Not a ton of time, but enough to allow us to take a detour or two.  Which we did.

We weren’t able to take a direct route to get to Wellington.  The main highway was closed because of snow – because we went to New Zealand in the winter.

One of our stops on the way was Taupo Lake.  That’s our caravan in the background.  Aly’s trying her best to do as the sign says.  We’re funny.

Have I mentioned it was cold.  I’m wearing all the hoodies I packed and wishing I had packed more of them. Lake Taupo is in the background.

Next up was a river. The Waikato River.


We left the river and drove to the other side of Lake Taupo in search of dinner and the Motor Park we were staying in for the night.  We were successful on both counts.  (We didn’t plan it, but it seemed that pulling into Motor Parks minutes before the close was sort of our thing.  We did almost every single time.)

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