New Zealand day 2 we made our way to The Shire – aka Hobbiton.  On our way we saw green, green and green.  Oh, and sheep.  Don’t know if you know, but there are sheep in New Zealand.  More sheep than people


We got to Hobbiton in time for our tour.  I was proud of us for this.  We were driving a caravan in a foreign country and trusting in a combination of GPS navigator and human navigator to get us there.  There were lots of Hobbit houses in Hobbiton and all looked like they’d be nice and cozy to live in.  If they weren’t so darn small.

We left Hobbiton – in Matamata – and drove somewhere south of Matamata on the way we saw sheep.  Newly shorn sheep.  I don’t know anything about sheep, but it seems like it isn’t so nice to take away all their warm fur at the beginning of winter.

Side note – The problem with not documenting something when it happens is that you sort of forget where you were and maybe even what you were doing.  But luckily there are pictures to document that something was done somewhere.

We also found lunch and this sign.  Which I liked enough to snap a photo.

The last thing we had to do was find a place to park our caravan for the night.  That might be a photo from where we stopped the first night.  I really don’t remember.  We stayed at several different motor parks and more than one of them was a Kiwi Motor Park.

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