Does 2 times make a tradition?

Chan graduated in 2013 and to celebrate we took a family vacation to Tokyo.  Chan’s choice and very conveniently someplace the whole family was keen to see.  This year Aly graduated and we celebrated with a trip to New Zealand.  Her choice and, again, somewhere the entire family wanted to see.

I did a much better job of documenting Tokyo, but I’m going to try to make up for it now.

We flew Chiang Mai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Auckland.  The picture below was taken right before Sam happened to check his inflight entertainment screen and noticed how long we were going to be in this plane.  For some reason we never thought to check how long the flight was and were surprised (and not pleasantly) to discover that Bangkok to Auckland takes 11+ hours.  Our smiles quickly faded.

11 hours later we arrived in Auckland and immediately started breaking the rules.

And found the first bit of middle earth.

We were picked up at the airport.  Given an introduction to the Caravan that we would be our home for the week and we were off.

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