something about good fences

early this year i took this photo of the view from our bedroom window.  such a nice palm tree, lovely mountain – so pleasant and peaceful.


i might have taken time to enjoy this view more if i’d known it was going to disappear.  (that’s probably not true, but i like to think it could be.)

shortly after that photo was taken a “wall” was installed to divide the property we live on.  have you heard the one about good fences and good neighbors?  well, this fence pretty much sums up our neighbor situation at the moment.


not that it’s not a perfectly lovely fence.  it almost leaves us a reasonable pathway to get behind the house to our washing machine and i think the weathered look is totally in right now.

soon after the fence went up this happened.


that’s the beginning of the clearing of the other half of the property we live on.  they spent a week or so clearing that out.  nothing to obtrusive.  not too loud and only a few people hard at work.

within a few weeks (maybe 6) we had this going on.


they were getting serious.  that’s like real construction – with machines and everything.  we still had a view of the palm tree, but pollution was hiding the mountain.  the pollution tells me this picture was probably taken in march.  they were maybe 2 months into this project at this time.  they had to wait for the big orange machine to be available and make it’s way here from bangkok.

this picture was probably taken in june and by this time there was a big crew working long hours.


(the absence of workers in this picture probably means it’s midday.  they seem to hate working midday, unless it’s saturday or sunday and we’re home to enjoy it.)  you can still see the palm tree.  this is about the point where they started making steady progress.  and in order to make steady progress they took up residence in the neighborhood.


it’s a little hard to see, but what you’re looking at is the evidence of 4 families living in the warehouse directly behind our house.  this allows them to work from sun-up until sundown everyday of the week.  with tools.  power tools and hammers seem to be their favorite first thing in the morning.  they are not our favorite.

but all that working has gotten them to this point.


that’s the same view as the previous two construction photos and i haven’t zoomed in or edited it to make it look closer.  that is actually how close this new construction is to our bedroom.

and what about the view?


that picture was taken from the exact same spot in our bedroom as the first picture of the view.  the mountain is no longer obscured by pollution, at least not that i can tell, because it is completely hidden behind the new building.  and again, no zoom.  i think we might be able to play patty cake with our new neighbors once they get moved in – if we are still living here.




2 thoughts on “something about good fences

  1. Ugh, that is the worst!!! By the way, I noticed a few posts back you were going to go back to Paleo. How do you manage that in a rice culture? I’m moving somewhere that also eats a grain as an every-meal staple, but I also know I do better when eating more Paleo-ish (although like you the lack of milk in coffee is always a challenge). Do you occasionally eat rice or do you cut it completely? Just curious! 🙂

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