feeding frenzy

it’s mother’s day in thailand and i’m celebrating by fully embracing project firm up (that name probably won’t stick.)  i got up and searched the internet for recipes, made a shopping list, went shopping, and cooked.  it wouldn’t be abnormal for me to get stuck at any of those steps.  usually it’s pretty early in the process, like the “i got up” step.  but not today.

as a mother’s day gift i got a parking spot in the actual grocery store parking lot.  in the states the parking lots at the grocery store are generally two or three times the size of the actual grocery store.  this particular grocery store is two or three times – at least – the size of its parking lot.  not sure who came up with that plan, but it’s frustrating.  once i was home i got my julia child on and cooked up a storm.

i had slow cooker kalua pig in crockpot #1.


this is supposed to be pork butt and it’s supposed to cook for 16 hours.  i purchased pork loin so cut the cooking time back to 9 hours.

and there was crockpot sweet potato basil soup in crockpot #2.


it came out really thick and creamy.  the recipe says you can add more broth to make it soupier, but sam and i both agreed this was nice, we could add meat and it would be great (and i’ve got a lot of kalua pig and not quite as much lemon rosemary lamb in my fridge).  i also think that it would be really good as a gravy at thanksgiving or christmas, but it would be a very thick gravy.   (that would be the immersion blender at work – 2 times in 2 days.  that gift was totally worth it michael!)

i made a batch of sweet potato hash.


this calls for cinnamon.  i don’t like cinnamon in my savory so much.  so i add cumin instead.  i’ve made this before so i know that i also like to soft fry an egg (if i knew how to poach – or wanted to take a minute to learn – that would probably be better) and put it on top.  the runny yolk gravy is awesome.

and i even whipped up some sausage cabbage sauté for today’s lunch.

you’re supposed to use chicken apple sausage, but since that’s not readily available to me i just used ground chicken breast and added sausage seasoning.  i also snuck in some ghost chili salt.  this was quick & easy and very tasty.  i was a little doubtful, i was worried that maybe the cabbage would be over powering.

now for the last step in today’s master plan, the step that involves everyone’s commitment.  eat all the food up.  not all of it today.  we’ve got the rest of the week for that.

and then this evening i lost the plot – project firm up took a major derail.  i’d cooked all day and was hungry.  aly and i chatted about the first day of her last year of high school.  to celebrate this transition i had chocolate and wine.  red wine – which is okay in another 28 days.  but maybe the reeses peanut butter cups, the butterfingers (minis) and the baby ruths (minis) were too much.  and maybe it wasn’t celebration eating.  maybe it was stress eating (it’s aly’s senior year!).  sometimes i think they can be the same thing, right?

here’s to a better day tomorrow.  this is tomorrow’s lunch.


it’s the crockpot sweet potato basil soup with some kalua pig thrown in for fun.

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