a new leaf

i don’t think anyone would ever call me a softy, but i’ve definitely gotten pretty fluffy the past three months.  plus i’ve been eating a lot of good food.  (i have now been called a softy, by our mae baan.  actually she called me a fatty.  same same.)  the scale says i’ve only gained 2 pounds, but the way my clothes fit says i’ve traded some muscle for fat, possibly lots of muscle for fat.  i’m not complaining or regretting, but it is time i get a handle on these love handles.  enter paleo.  i’m not a recent convert.  i’ve toyed with eating paleo for years.  i admit to being way off the paleo track right now, but i’m no where near where i was before i started it and it seems a wise decision to turn back since i know it works.

so it started today.  (except for today’s morning coffee.  there were 2 iced lattes sitting in my fridge that i drank this morning.  i’m not feeling guilty because i can’t think of a reason to waste good coffee.)  the good news is that eating smart doesn’t have to mean eating not good food.  (that came of very public service announcement-y, didn’t it?) which is nice because i don’t want to make my family miserable, since they’re getting drug along on this journey with me.  breakfast and lunch will be my biggest challenges.  mainly because i have a tendency to skip breakfast so i’ll need convenience foods or pre-prepped food for this meal.  i tend to eat lunch out.  lunch out here frequently comes with rice.  you can order without rice, but i like rice – my struggles are great.  also there’s the no dairy thing.  it’s really only an issue because i like milk in my coffee.  but i’m gonna try for 30 29 days – no rice, no dairy.  the family will do what the family does during breakfast and lunch.  fend for themselves.  for the kids it means grabbing what’s at home for breakfast (normally cereal and milk) and then lunch at school.  i’m hoping to make use of my brand new, fancy-schmancy, american sized crock pot.  since it’s american sized i’m thinking it will provide me with leftovers that i can call breakfast.  or family members at home can call lunch.  that might be overly optimistic on my part, but a girl can dream.

so in an effort to get off to a good start i made lemon rosemary lamb and curried cream of broccoli soup (hey michael – this called for me to use that immersion blender) for dinner. i do not want to discuss how expensive leg of lamb is here.  and it wasn’t until i got home and reread the recipe that i noticed it could possibly be done with beef – also expensive, but less expensive than lamb.  i’ve never cooked lamb before so i was okay giving it a go and hoping for the best.  both of these were easy, i like easy.  and as a bonus they both turned out well.  we loaded our soup bowls with lamb and covered it with the soup.  that was a good idea and we’ve ended up with leftovers!!



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