pizza pie, oh me oh my!

i have a long haul drive to get to my physical therapist’s office.  it’s way on the other side of town.  i mean it’s a serious commitment.  but it comes with some perks.  there’s the massage, the heat packs, the rehabilitation, and there’s also being on the same side of town as pizza n pasta.  so pizza it was for dinner.


sam wanted hawaiian pizza and i wanted sausage and mushroom.  the pizzas here come in big, bigger, biggest, and most biggest ever – all of them are too big for one person.  i’m not sure what size i ordered, i just know it wasn’t the most biggest ever.  went 1/2 and 1/2 with new york crust and new york sauce.  other choices are thick or thin crust and there were two other sauce choices.


we haven’t sampled all the pizza in chiang mai, but we’ve had a lot of it and both of us agreed this was the best we’ve had here.  and, bonus, we had leftovers.

i’ve also discovered that not being able to burn the calories while increasing the intake of calories is not good math.  the rest of the family (or at least the rest of the family who is returning to chiang mai) are home in the next week and a half, how much more damage can be done in that amount of time?  it’s think i might need to reinvent myself as a health and fitness blogger.





One thought on “pizza pie, oh me oh my!

  1. Great to see some regular posts from you again, even if all they do is make me think about food. 🙂 Sorry to see your hip troubles, and hope you are right as rain very soon!

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