fancy food

saturday night sam and i headed out to the restaurant that is currently ranked the #1 restaurant in chiang mai – according to trip advisor.  dk david’s kitchen at 909.  i had been warned that it was pricey and it was, sort of.   it was special occasion, excellent meal, great ambiance,  wonderful service pricey.  which i think translates to it was totally worth it.


i called ahead and made a reservation for 2.  they asked if it was a special occasion and i made sure to tell them it would be my son and me.  i didn’t want to embarrass him any more than a 14 year old might already be embarrassed to be out for a fancy meal with his mother.

they had a set menu, which looked wonderful, but we went ahead and ordered a la carte.  we started with the crab bisque soup and the pomelo salad.

IMG_1491 IMG_1492

the soup was sweet and creamy, but not at all heavy and the salad was a great balance of tart and sweet, with just a hint of heat.  both dishes were a very nice start to our meal.

after our soup and salad we were served a lovely little lime sorbet palate cleanser.


for our mains sam had the lamb shank.


it was extremely tender – it fell right off the bone – and the mashed potatoes were perfect.  i don’t have a quote from sam for this dish, but when he took his first bite of the lamb his face lit up like he’d just witnessed the most amazing magic trick.  i don’t believe he’s ever had food of this caliber before, at least i know i’ve never prepared anything this good.

i had the beef cheeks.


i confess to not being 100% certain of just what part of the cow the beef cheek comes from and i wasn’t too embarrassed to ask.  turns out it is the actual cheek.  i had no idea there was that much meat on a cow’s cheek.  or that it would be that tasty.  again the potatoes were perfect and the sauce (i think it was a red wine sauce) was such a great complement to the whole dish.

by this point we were full.  but when dessert was offered we both agreed that we might regret not having it since everything else had been so wonderful.

sam ordered the chocolate soufflé and i had the banana flambé.

IMG_1496 IMG_1497

and we were right.  they were divine.  so much better than the pictures.

the only thing that would keep me from ordering any of the dishes we had during this meal would be my desire to try everything else on the menu.  i cannot imagine there is anything on offer that would be less than amazing.

i would definitely categorize this as a special occasion restaurant and i’ve already started looking for excuses to celebrate more special occasions.  isn’t there a saying that every day is a special occasion?


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