what’s cookin’?

sam and i spent the day taking a thai cooking course.  he’s never done one before, but i have.  you might have read about one of them here or here or possibly here.  there are tons of cooking schools in chiang mai and my experience so far says they are probably all pretty good.  i imagine they all try to do something unique to set them apart, but in the end you’re going to visit a local market to get up close and personal with the ingredients you’ll be using and you’re going to end up cooking lots of thai food and eating it.  today we went to siam rice cooking.  i picked it because sam wanted to learn to make khao soi and they don’t all offer that.


cooking schools also provide a ride to and from their location.  we were the first picked up followed by 2 more families – a family of 5 from israel and a family of 4 from holland.  there’s been no kids at any of my previous cooking school experiences and it was kind of nice to have 6 teenagers in the group.

when we arrived at the cooking school we were greeted by our teacher for the day, aim.  she had us sit down and pick what we wanted to cook.  there were 7 categories and at least 4 dishes to choose from in each category.  sam and i decided to divide and conquer.  we never chose the same dish because we wanted the opportunity to make and try as many of the dishes as we could.

the first course was the soup course.  sam made hot and creamy soup and i went with chicken coconut soup.  both good choices.


next up were the noodle dishes.  i made fried big noodles (pad sii ew) and sam took on the drunken noodles which provided some cooking excitement.  (no worries, no eyebrows were damaged.)




by now i’m pretty sure i’m full, but also very aware we’re no where near done.  i manage to soldier on to the curry dishes.  sam chose khao soi – no surprise.  i went with green curry.  it’s one of my favorite thai dishes, but i always think it could be just a little big spicier.  our first task was to make curry paste (curry paste was the third dish).  this was my chance to bring the spice.  i thought 8 peppers was brave, but sam goaded me into 10.  once we had the paste made we were ready for the curry.  (curry was the fourth dish.)



khao soi on the left. green curry on the right.

after the curry round we had a bit of a rest.  just a few moments to let things digest and prepare ourselves to tackle more food.

after our rest we knocked out dishes number 5, 6, and 7.  number 5 was the appetizer dish.  (i know, it seems a little late to be taking on the appetizers.)  sam made spring rolls.


i made papaya salad.  which went into a to-go bag.  i couldn’t bring myself to eat anymore.


dish number 6 was the stir fried options.  cashew chicken was my choice.  sam’s was sweet and sour vegetables.


after my cashew chicken made it into a to-go bag we still had to tackle dessert.  the final course.  sam made mango sticky rice and i made sticky rice with young coconut.  which i ate.


then we graduated.





3 thoughts on “what’s cookin’?

  1. That is the cooking school all the girls and I went to in January. I really liked it a lot. Glad you guys did that. The drunken noodles is quite an exciting show!

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