we’re really doing this thing

2nd restaurant down.  both sam and i have eaten here before so weren’t sure about putting it on our foodcation list.  however, we figure we can justify it because it was recommended on my officially unofficial facebook request for suggestions.

tonight was arcobaleno.  and also the second restaurant we showed up too early for service (if you are keeping count that makes us 2 for 2.)  totally our my fault.  apparently i would do well with the senior citizen crowd – dinner at 5pm seems pretty reasonable.  so, once again we got to take a few moments and chat, but only about 20 minutes this time.  once they unlocked the doors we were the first only ones in, but a car did pull up about the same time.  So even though it looks like we have the restaurant to ourselves there is a family of three just out of the shot.


i feel like when you eat italian you are obligated to have a glass (or two) of wine.  and since eating is our vacation/job this summer i figured i should do whatever’s required.  i’m sure you feel my pain.

we started with a baked crab dish for our appetizer.  i’m pretty sure not remembering the name of the dish is a food blogging rookie mistake, but it’s on the appetizer list and it’s cheesy and crabby.  also, i took a picture.


sam really likes this dish.  i do, too.  i would call it sort of fancy comfort food.  i googled the restaurant and found the name of the dish.  it’s called crab meat au gratin, pretty sure that’s enough to keep food blogger rep intact.

next up were the mains.  sam ordered rigatoni formaggio.


it was creamy and cheesy.  sam summed the dish up pretty well when he said, “anything that involves more than two types of cheese, well…  you really can’t go wrong with that.”

i had the gnocchi malfatti.  IMG_1445

that’s spinach and ricotta cheese gnocchi in a cream sauce.  you can get it with red sauce, but i don’t really like red sauce, so the cream sauce seemed the better choice for me.  second restaurant i’ve ordered a spinach dish and it was good.  as you would expect with the cream and the cheese it was also a bit heavy.  sam found the gnocchi “interesting”.  he wasn’t too fond of the texture, but he liked the flavor.  i don’t think that’s the fault of the restaurant, just a preference on his part.

and we finished off with desert.   i let sam choose, and he went for the tiramisu.


i wasn’t sure about this, but didn’t want to discourage him from trying something new.  he liked it okay.  but he’s not a fan of coffee, which is a big flavor in this desert and i wasn’t sure how he would like the wet cake texture.  i, on the other hand, am a big fan of coffee and have no problem at all with the wet cake texture.  the only thing i would change is i’d turn that chocolate flower into a whole bouquet of chocolate flowers – maybe even a field of flowers.

thinking that tiramisu might not be his thing i went ahead and ordered the panna cotta with strawberry sauce.


he liked this one much better.  the panna cotta was sort of a perfect mash up of pudding and jello with a very nice strawberry sauce on top – it was just the right amount of sweet and tart.

i would have no problem recommending arcobaleno to someone looking for good italian food.  i’m not the biggest fan of italian food, but the atmosphere is lovely, the service is great, and the food was really good.

so far this summer vacation eat-athon seems to be working out pretty good for us.


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