a good start


restaurant number 1 in the line up – 9 moo 9.  and it was good.  the only negative was my fault.  we had to wait an hour to eat, because we got there an hour before they served lunch.  but they owners were very accommodating and it turned to be a good thing, i enjoyed some french press coffee and we both enjoyed a nice, relaxed chat.


for our starter we shared a soup.  cream of broccoli & stilton soup with crusty bread.  it was as good as it sounds. nice and creamy, but not too heavy.


then onto the mains.  sam ordered the home-made pork and leak sausages, green salad, & potato salad.


it was good.  the sausage was very flavorful.  i tend to find that sausage here is either bland or just seasoned with heat.  not the case with this sausage.  the potato salad was also good.  sam said that the potato salad “exceeded his expectations.” (for those of you not fluent in sam speak that is very high praise.)  i agree it was very nicely balanced and had great texture.

i ordered the spinach and pine nut filo tart & green salad.


this too was good.  sometimes i find spinach can be a bit bitter and a little too earthy, but not this spinach.  it had a very fresh flavor and made a dish that i think could have been too rich nice and vibrant.  we both agreed the green salad was good with a light and flavorful dressing.

and since we’ve set out to eat our vacation, you know since the rest of the family is in america and we’re here, we ordered desert, too.  we shared a lemon syllabub.


syllabub is a british thing.  we both agreed that it falls into the pudding/custard/mousse family.  it was delicious.  light and zesty.  not too sweet.  a very nice finish to a lovely meal.

the grounds of the restaurant are beautiful.  they also have a bed and breakfast, which i can only imagine is quite nice, too.  the owners, tony and his wife, siripan, were very gracious.  they were attentive and friendly.


i would highly recommend 9 moo 9.  it was very quaint and charming.  the menu alone was worth it, but the property made it feel special.  it was a fair distance for us to drive, but well worth it.

**note – they are open thursday to sunday 10am – 5p.  they began serving lunch at 11:30.


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