summer with sam

*i was gonna name this post “summer of sam, the reboot”  but i am worried that i have the wrong idea about what reboot means.*

sam and i are spending the next few weeks hanging out.  the rest of the family is in the good ol u.s. of a doing things like college campus tours for aly and volunteering at camp for all of them.  so sam and i are taking the opportunity to become temporary and totally unqualified food bloggers.  (i’ve reassessed and i think maybe we are qualified to be food bloggers, we eat food and I have a blog.  i also have an instagram account.  maybe that last one makes us overqualified?)

i’ve very casually asked friends on facebook for restaurant recommendations.   i’ve been given a handful of suggestions and today we tackled the first one.  we’ll give our impressions of it in the next post.  i’m going to try to get at least one quote from sam about each restaurant.  he’s not exactly a willing participant, but he does know we’re doing this.  or i’m doing this and including him. he’ll thank me later.


3 thoughts on “summer with sam

  1. Have a wonderful time with your son Sam this summer. Embrace and enjoy every moment as life is too short. I would suggest getting recommendations from (the best foodie website). They even have a board for the Asian region. If you sign up you can ask questions and get recommendations. Here’s your local board . Laugh, I have them to thank for sending me to the most wonderful market in South Florida. It is so complete with swimming eels, wandering turtles and the fresh fish sitting out on the ice and much more. I smile at the Durian sitting innocently by the entrance and recall the no Durian signs posted in the lobby of the Hotel I would stay in Bangkok before I headed up to Northern Thailand for a month at a time. Lychees are available right now and I remember visiting at a temple while The selection and variety of all things Asian is amazing. It always brings me back my memories of my wonderful adventures in Chaing Mai and Bangkok taking the tuks tuks and song thaews (seelors) to get where I needed to go.

    Take care,

  2. Having just read all of your recent restaurant posts backwards (chronologically) I just have to say what a great idea! It certainly sounds like Sam has been won over by the project.

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