5 weeks

i’m 5 weeks post op. that’s crazy. but when i look at the recovery time ahead of me it also feels like no time at all. i’m doing my best to only look at the FAI success stories online. that would be so much easier if folks didn’t post their not so successful stories, but that’s the nature of the google, right? so i’ve tightened up my belt because i hear that i’ve got a 6-8 week slump/depression headed my way. i refuse to research this more. and i’m hoping that my stocking up of chocolate and dark chocolate is all i’ll need to weather this storm.

i moved off the crutches this week. spent almost the entire week crutch free. but today i’m back to one. i think this is normal. i returned to work this week, i’ve got 2 hours 3 times a week of PT going on, and another 2 hours a day of exercise/rehab stuff that i do on my own plus just daily life. added up that makes for one fatigued hip. not to mention my angry, angry adductor. and my glutes that aren’t keen to turn on.  i think that all means i’m right on track.  

speaking of PT.  one of my favorite/not favorite things is her tendency to remark how weak i am.  how very, very weak i am.  how surprisingly weak i am.  she says it a lot.  and she laughs.  and then she giggles.  i think it’s meant to be empathetic/encouraging.  but I’m not sure about that.  however, the 1 hour of heat packs and massage i get totally make it worth it.  she is awesome at delivering the hurts so good pain.  

totally off topic, we’ve just started watching The Sopranos.  we’re only 15 years late to this.  

2 thoughts on “5 weeks

  1. Glad you are home and doing well, despite the long journey! Yep, my OT gal says I need to work on my core strength- I am not sure I like her! 😉 I am telling you, the TENS unit is my new best friend! Go get one, even if you have to pay for it! HUGS

  2. Glad to read you are healing well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers as I was going through my injury when you broke the news about yours. I broke my elbow in three places requiring surgery (4 pins, 3 screws and 2 plates). Three months later, I have full flexibility although I am not allowed to lift more than 5 pounds currently. My progress is apparently amazing. The orthopedic surgeon said with a twinkle in his eye I was actually up for an elbow replacement as the damage was extensive. God put me with with this particular doctor .He had actually performed this surgery, as only 2% of adults have this type of fracture. I was asking when can I get back to the gym…go kayaking…etc. when I first saw him. The doctor gave me exercises every time I went to see him. I was doing so well on my own, he didn’t send me to an actual physical therapist. If you have the opportunity to swim go for it! It was the best PT for me. Aquatic therapy uses the principle of buoyancy to make exercise easier and less painful, because the forces on weight-bearing joints are reduced.With God’s timing I get better, stronger everyday. Hang in there! You will get out everything you put into it. My prayers are with you for a full recovery!

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