hope for the future

over the past year or so i’ve found my social circle expanding to include an awesome group of twenty somethings.


until i moved to thailand i had no idea that people actually did that kind of thing – the move to a foreign country thing.  okay, i knew people moved countries – what i probably mean is i had no idea i could do that kind of thing and i was totally ignorant of the fact that it was possible for 20 somethings to do such a thing all on their lonesomes.  but these guys have all done it.  they are all here on a temporary basis – different lengths of temporary – and most of them are still trying to figure out just exactly what they want from life.


they are beginning their journey back to america – one at a time – to figure out the when, where, and how of the next phase of their lives.  i am almost certain that they have no idea how much their friendships have meant to me.  this whole year has been overshadowed by my first born leaving, moving to another country (not a strange and foreign country, but still not the country i’m in).  i am constantly questioning and doubting the job we’ve done preparing him to take on this next challenge.  life without his parents.  there are so many things he’ll have to make happen.  and every time i’ve found myself a little (or a lot) overwhelmed i’ve been able to look to these guys and want what they have for him.  and for him to get there he has to take this first step.

i would be proud for my kids to be like these guys.  i want to encourage them to head out and do the unknown.  to take risks.  to live life and live it big.  that’s what these guys are doing and they are doing it amazingly well.

3 thoughts on “hope for the future

  1. Beautiful post Monica.They *are* a great bunch from what I‘ve seen, and I have no doubt that they have benefitted from your presence in their lives every bit as much as you have theirs. And as someone raising teens right behind you, I hope I can do as good a job as you raising them.

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