buy me some popcorn and cracker jacks

whatever this is i’ve got hasn’t had me feeling like doing much of anything, but we finally got out of the house to do something that wasn’t running an errand. we went to a baseball game – the colorado rockies vs. the san francisco giants. i enjoy a baseball game, but i do find they can go on a bit long. i’m not the only one who feels this way because our group decision was that we would arrive sometime after the game had started. we were shooting for second or third inning, but ended up arriving at the bottom of the fifth.  still plenty of game to watch.  and look how awesome our seats were.  (i even zoomed in a little.)

rockies were up 1-0 when we got there, but pretty quickly the giants tied it up.  it was still tied as we went into the bottom of the 9th inning and i was a little worried we were in for extra innings.  i really couldn’t complain too much, it was a beautiful day – 82 degrees.  however, a run was batted in and our team won.

i’m really a texas rangers fan.  the rockies our only my team when we’re in colorado.  or when the rangers aren’t playing in colorado.  after the game there was a mercy me concert.  and both of these things happened at the same time.

those speakers were loud, but he still managed to snooze.

after the game and concert we needed to eat.  we were undecided on where we wanted to go until we saw the sign for five guys burgers.

five guys was on the list of must eat places because not too long ago the kids came across this on you tube (i can’t figure out how to actually embed the video – i’ve tried several tutorials, but no luck.)  the guy in the video is right.  these are good burgers.

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